Friday, October 21, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016!!!!

Hello it's me...again. XD

Okay, I'm sure no one will be surprised to hear that I'm doing NaNoWriMo next month! Which of course I am, I haven't missed a year since I started in 2013! This will be my 4th year and I can honestly say, my year wouldn't be the same without NaNo. It's become a tradition, my favorite months of the year: Halloween. NaNoWriMo. Christmas. Or you know, what normal people call them: October. November. December.

I do NaNo a looot. This year I did both Camp sessions in April and July, July being my new record of writing 204,909 words. I nearly died. But nothing compares to November, okay? It's all cold and fall like and just the perfect time to write okay?! And there's Christmas candy out and it's the time for drinking all the warm things and November NaNoWriMo is my aesthetic, okay?

I already posted some about this on my writing blog but it didn't feel right to not post my normal NaNo announcement here! And to beg all my friends to join me! So you know, you should do NaNo! It's fun and productive and maybe a little stressful but that's what makes it worth it! My cabinmates and I from July even have a little group you can join, and mingle if you want! SO dooooo it so I can root for you and we can all have fun!

So what am I writing?

Inventions, Dragons, and Hot Air Balloons!

Genre: MG, Fantasy/Adventure

Main characters: Margo, a twelve-year-old aeronaut, and inventor. And Adalyn, a quirky princess who craves adventure.

A little about it:

Well...this was going to be a stand-alone adventure novel but then last night it morphed into a that happened. Here is the little synopsis I wrote up for it though:

12-year-old Margo lives in a kingdom. Not a magical kingdom, just a boring old kingdom. She spends her days in her father's hot air balloon as part of a performers troop and her nights dreaming of magic - not for adventure and not because of the stories of great friendly dragons. No, because of the other stories, the ones that talk about magic and science, melding together. Because Margo dreams of being an inventor, saving her father's failing business as an aeronaut and creating the most thrilling inventions, starting with a better way to fly.

Princess Adalyn has a tendency to run away. If the kingdom is boring, the castle is impossibly worse. Her older sister is always telling her what to do and how to act, her parents insist magic isn't real but Adalyn knows what she saw the night of her tenth birthday, flying overhead in the sky: a dragon, And not just any dragon, her dragon. Just like in the old stories she knows they're bonded, she just has to find him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the great ocean, lies a world long forgotten to those in the kingdom, a world of science and magic and adventure. When Margo and Adalyn team up for the grand hot air balloon race, it leads to destruction as the balloon crashes and Margo's father is taken away by a strange man in a golden mask. Luckily, that's when the dragon arrives.

Um, I'm like super excited for this. I mean, I'm always excited to work on a new novel but some just...I just have a really good feeling about this! It's kind of my favorite type of book to write, full of magic and adventure and whimsy so yeah. I haven't finished outlining, I'm hopelessly behind on things but I'm super excited for this!

Are you going to do NaNo? Is there any way I could convince you? And would you like to join my writing group if you are? And what are you going, of course?? If you aren't doing NaNo, any fun plans next month?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Characters Who've Influenced Me

I was talking to a friend on Tumblr the other day and she asked me which characters I thought influenced my personality growing up and it was such an interesting question and so freaking hard to answer that I decided to turn it into a blog post!

(also look at me, posting! this has honestly been sitting in my draft for months but I finally finished it!)

So this is a hard question, her exact question was what character influenced my personality and for that like I'm thinking of characters I admired growing up, the ones I wanted to be and so they influenced, in whatever small ways, how I acted and everything, if that makes any sense.

So the biggest one would probably be Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson was the series that got me into reading and I love Percy, and I love Grover, and of course Annabeth, and while I admired all of them, especially Annabeth because she's smart and amazing, I wanted to be Thalia. She's a badass and she owns it and I've always wanted to be a badass. I wanted to wear black and lots of eyeliner and threaten people and this sounds bad but I mean it all in a good way! And she swore off boys, so I love her for that too, okay? So, Thalia definitely influenced my personality growing up.

Everyone says Hermione, I feel, and this isn't a bad thing. Everyone should be so lucky as to be influenced by and want to be Hermione, she's a badass and she's amazingly smart and there's so much to Hermione that makes her one of the best characters but...I wanted to be Luna Lovegood and Luna is who I feel inspired me and my personality growing up. I feel like I've always been drawn to the eccentric, crazy characters, who don't necessarily completely fit in but they own who they are and they're happy with who they are and that is Luna Lovegood. And she's such an amazing character. She's strange but she's so smart and she's fine being strange cause that's who she is. She's a misfit but she finds a place in the world and she doesn't change to do it and she doesn't care what people think. I'm strange and I'm crazy and I've always wanted to be that way and Luna helped me with that.

Princess Raisa ana’Marianna from The Seven Realms novels. If you haven't read these, first of all, do so at your earliest convince. I started reading these as soon as they came out because I love this author, so I was about 13? And Raisa is just so much goals okay? She's a crown princess, she's smart, she can kick major ass and yeah, basically everything you could want in a future queen or a best friend. She's just...goals. That's the only way to explain her.

Padme Amidala from Star Wars. Okay, shot me now, I love the Star Wars prequels. When I was tiny I wanted nothing more than to be Padme, okay? She has kickass hair, she's pretty and smart and can hold her own in a fight and I still love her to this day.

So then you have Katniss, and Hermione, and Annabeth, Princess Leia, Rey, Buffy, Lorelai Gilmore, and so many others. And basically what these all have in common is they are badass girls and women, and they all taught me so much growing up, and they all inspired me in so many ways and, like I still aspire to be as amazing as every one of them. They definitely influenced my personality and just everything, growing up.

As you can see, they are all amazing females. Haha. So I feel I'm missing important people here but I can't think of them at the moment and this list could go on forever if I start mentioning all the ones that came after my "early years" (read: ages like 10 through 15). If I had to pick a character right now who was like my current "life goals" that would have to be Magnus Bane because who doesn't want to be like Magnus Bane, ok? He's kind and badass and fabulous and much like Luna Lovegood he doesn't care what anyone thinks! Also eyeliner game on point. He is the person I would want to be my life coach and mentor. Along with Isabelle Lightwood.

Stay tuned for part two, the books that most influenced me growing up!

And let me know what characters influenced you, your personality, who you wanted to be, everything, in the comments! Also, most importantly, if you could pick one character to be your life coach/mentor who would it be?!?!

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