Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Comic-Con Day 1 Finally

It may be 2 weeks late but its finally here. My update on all things Comic- Con day 1. So its about everything we did and saw at Comic-Com day 1. now remember we didn't do any panels and stuff, just the exhibit hall, which is the booths and stuff where you spend all your money and go bankrupt. But we did see some awesome costumes, plus of course bought a lot of awesome stuff.
So, some highlights costume wise were, Gay spiderman, angry Jedi, and of course for you perverts out there the girl wearing only duct tape. Plus tons of others that will all be in my video, which I'm not sure when I'll be posting so stayed tuned for that, some time this year probably. So I got some awesome stuff, including advanced reader copies of a few books, um, they are The Kill Oder by James Dashner which be the prequel to his maze runner series, and The Paladin Prophecy by mark frost. Aso a signed copy of Legend by Marie Lu. and other stuff that I can't seem to remember right now. Any who, also some free stuff, because the Number 1 rule for Comic-Con, and anywhere else really, Is That If Its FREE You take it, No Mater what.
So yeah that's all. Kinda Lame I know but like I said we didn't get to any panels or anything so whatever.
So, comment and tell me how much I Suck.
P.S. pictures will be posted eventually.

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