Monday, July 2, 2012

GOOD Vs. EVIL (Part 1)

Sorry, I Haven't Blogged in, Like weeks. But I've Been Recovering From Surgery? No, ok I've had Bloggers block, it's actually worse than normal writers block, i had to go to the ER and everything, to get treated for it? No. OK, OK, The TRUTH is that I'm a Superhero and I had to go save the world a couple times.
        Anyways, lets talk about the whole concept of GOOD Vs. Evil, Shall we? It's In Practically every Book, Movie, and Comic, in one way or another. But, As in Some, Is it really as simple as your either Good Or BAD (EVIL), or are there shades of Grey mixed with the black and white?
        Lets Start With EVIL. So, in something things it's easy to see who the bad guy is and who the Good guy is, and either times it's hard to distinguish the two. For instance, Dare Devil, He thought he was a Good guy and in ways he was but lots of other people thought him to be Evil, The Bad Guy, same with Batman in The Darkest Night. Sometimes people end up doing bad when all they had was GOOD intentions. Some people see no choice but to be Bad Or EVIL, and that doesn’t give them the right to kill or try to take over the world, or anything but still it makes you think, Right? Sometimes you can just get confused and do something that seems right at the time, Or the only thing you think you can do, and then you realize it's Your wrong but it's to late.
         My Point is that Sometimes not everything is what it seems to be, and sometimes you have to see things from another person perspective. One last thing, If A Good Person does one thing wrong, But thought it was right at the time, realized they were wrong in the end and continues to do good or the rest of their life, Is that person GOOD or EVIL?

But what do I know anyways, I'm just some random 16 year old who knows more about and prefers Fantasy to Reality.

To Be Continued.........

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