Sunday, July 8, 2012

Good Vs. Evil part 2

   Let us talk about GOOD, As In GOOD vs. EVIL, as in GOOD guys always Win and all that crap.
What is truly GOOD? Who is truly GOOD? Who's to say what or who is Truly and completely GOOD? I mean doesn't everybody have a Little GOOD and A Little Bad in them?
So, for instance, most people say that lying is bad, but say your a superhero one Of The "GOOD guys" and you lie about your identity, does that make you a bit bad because you told A lie? Not really if you ask me. So, my point is, who are we as a species to judge each other without knowing exactly what someone else was thinking or whatever. I mean just think about the people we kill in prison, We kill people who Killed people to teach people that KILLING is BAD. I mean don't get me wrong they usually get what they deserve, but it seems to me that the LOGIC is a Little Flawed.
Anyways,one last thing real quick. So, in all the Superhero movies and books and comics, usually the GOOD guys win right? But have you ever thought that maybe if one Little (or Big) thing happened differently to one of the Hero's in their life that they might have become EVIL. I mean our experiences shape us into who we are today, the good and the bad, so just think that maybe if one thing in your life had happened differently you might not be who you are today. Or Maybe no matter what everything would be the exact same way it is today, I mean what Do I KNOW, Right?
         So, anyways this whole thing started from A book I read, its the last in a Trilogy and its about a Superhuman who only wanted to be A Hero but Because of certain events ended up being a Villain, it's really GOOD. um... yeah so it's called Stronger by Micheal Scott, and it's part of the superhuman trilogy which are prequels to his Quantum Prophecy Series, you should check them out if your in to that kind of thing.
        Please comment and tell me how much I Suck. : )

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