Friday, August 10, 2012


Sorry its a few days late, but I had to let it sink in for a few days, so that I wouldn't be to harsh. And I had to read a few good books before I thought about that train wreck of a "Book" That Nevermore is. But anyways here it gos.
This is my review of Nevermore the final Maximum Ride (Don't RIP MAX) Book by James Patterson.
Unfortunately this review is Gonna say that it was BAD. All you Maximum Ride fans out there don't go hating me, its just my opinion.


Maximum ride fans got an unsatisfying ending to what could at one point have been an amazing series. First Of All the whole book feels rushed.  Throughout the first 100 pages or so I found myself rolling my eyes so much it was actually making me dizzy. Besides Max, Fang, And Dylan the rest of the Flock is barely in the book at all, which I found to be majorly boring, I mean their some of my Favorites.
There was way to much left hanging at the end. For example. what Happened to the rest of Fangs Gang after he left them? Speaking of Fang since when is he a total Wimp? And WTF was with the whole Immortality DNA Thing? Where did that come from and what does it have to do with anything? Not to mention that its yet another lose end, where you pretty much find out nothing about it.
All together there is a total of maybe 15 pages with any fighting and everything that made these books awesome. And Besides saving Angel they never once go after the new group of "BAD GUYS". Then It turns out Angels the voice, Really? Could you have done anything more obvious. and Again you're still left wondering if She was Evil or not. Then at one point when Max's mom is supposedly Bad then she says she was brainwashed and they just believe her just like that? Then Of course we see that Jebs Bad again they capture him at one point, and then nothing is mentioned about him again. And the Sad part about all this? Its only about half of the shit that's not tied up.
And there is more. Surprise Surprise, Right? 
#1- The whole book is more about the whole love triangle thing than actually saving the world. and You don't even get a satisfying conclusion to that because its one second she has no idea what she wants and the next shes already decided and you didn't even see it.
#2-  Have I mentioned that they never once go up against the BAD GUYS. Whats the point of a MAXIMUM RIDE book if there's no fighting?
#3- Most Importantly. When The END comes, and the world in actually ENDING, THE END OF THE WORLD, they did absolutely NOTHING. They just LET IT HAPPEN. WTF? The whole point of the series is Max SAVING THE WORLD.
#3- And to top it all off Dylan doesn't even die. I almost Cried when I realized that he wasn't gonna die.
#4- Plus in the end you don't even know for sure if the rest off the Flock died or not.
#5- Honestly toward the End I found Myself hoping that maybe he'd kill someone off, just to make it more interesting.
   Throughout the whole Book I was Just Waiting for It To Be Over.
But what pisses me off the most is that in All of James Patterson’s Interviews, he Brags about how amazing it is and how all Maximum Ride fans should be pleased with how it ended, When It is actually an EPIC FAIL! And I Hate That he's acting like he's Gods' Gift to the Writing world when he completely screwed this Up.
In closing I'd like to add that when I finished this Monday I actually wanted to BURN my copies of 4-8, and probably would have had my Mom Let me. :(
To say the least I am One Disappointed EX- James Patterson Fan.

Don't forget to comment and tell me how much I suck. : )


  1. I completely agree. Nevermore was a complete waste of trees; the series started off amazing- it could have stayed amazing. I mean, the cast is kickass and the concept was fantastic. But Patterson completely dropped the ball when winding the series down. Did he even try?? Ergh, anyway, I'm a student volunteer in a hospital and the part of my job is to give books to the patients and someone always asks if I have any James Patterson, and I just want to cry when i hear that name. :(

    1. YAY! Your the first person to comment on any of my posts, so thank you for that. I was beginning to think that I would have to comment on my own posts just so It didn't look so depressing every time I looked at it. But anyways. Yeah the book was a total disappointment. I would have burned all my Patterson books but my mom said it was better to donate them. :(