Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I Have A Problem: And That Problems Name Is Requiem

Guys I think that I might have a "problem". I was just sitting in the living room on the couch staring glaring at the front door and willing my package of new books to arrive, and then I realized that I'd been sitting there for about half an hour or maybe 45mins and that It's entirely possible that I have a serious "problem". You see I spend about half the money I get every month on books haven't read them all and keep ordering new ones, and I cant stop reading I cant! If I go one day without at least having a book that I can read if I want to I go nuts, nuts I tell you! So my problem today is that just this last week I started the Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver and I just finished Pandemonium (the second book) yesterday, so I'm still caught up in the excitement that you only get as a newbie to a series, you know how no matter how good a book is it's not quite as exciting the second time around?, and now I have sit around all day waiting and hoping that my copy of the last in the trilogy, Requiem (which just came out today), will get here before I die of excitement and boredom and about 5 other things. But I'm not going crazy I swear, also while most people had a year or so to come to terms with waiting for the next and last one and everything I'm still in the middle of wanting it RIGHT NOW! I mean, You know how for like a week after reading a book you really love it's all you can think about and you don't know how your supposed to wait for so long for the next you think you might die if you have to wait that long, but then a week or so later you've moved on and as long as you don't think about it it doesn't hurt, well I haven't had time to move on so I'm still pining for it. I think I need a support group. Anyways when I finally do get the book and read it I might attempt to do a review of it which I will of course post here, but don't hold your breath for it. And if you haven't read Delirium I highly suggest that you do, but be warned the first is a little boring and slow but the end is awesome and Pandemonium is one of my favorite books ever. Also remember the first step is admitting to yourself that you have a problem.

Song Of The Moment - When Can I See You Again? by Owl City from Wreck-It Ralph 

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