Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

(Warning this post contains spoilers from Delirium by Lauren Oliver)

Delirium is the story Of Lena Holoway, just a normal girl living in a dystopian U.S. where it has been determined that Love is a disease. Ever since her mom committed suicide rather than be cured, all Lena has wanted is to be normal, she follows all the rules and counts down the days until she will finally be Cured, until she meets Alex and has her eyes opened to love and everything that is wrong with her world.

- OK, so that was my version of the synopsis and now on to the actual review -
  I thought that Delirium was a good book not quiet great but close. My biggest problem with it was that not a whole lot happens throughout the whole first half of the book, the beginning is pretty good and the end is great but the middle a tad boring. For a big chunk in the middle most of what happens is Lena trying to decide what she believes and whether or not the cure is good or bad, and it's not a bad thing because it's kinda essential for the story I just got a little bored, but if you stick it out through the boring bits it gets really good. Even with the beginning and boring parts it does pick up momentum fast and the last third of the book is really really good.
   There are a few minor things I didn't love, and I wish Hana had been in it more cause I mean in a way Hana was who Lena loved first as friends and I for one would have liked to know more about their friendship and everything. Now on to Alex, honestly I didn't know what to think of Alex when I first read this book, I felt like their relationship felt almost real but not quiet, I mean I felt and believed that Lena loved him but you didn't get to see enough of him, most of what you saw were Lena's memories of him when she was explaining their summer together. I think I would have Liked him allot more if  there was more about him, I mean not a whole lot is mentioned about him and like his life in the wilds and everything. I still liked him and everything but I felt him and their whole relationship could have been a bit better.
  I never understood all the reviews about how the writing is beautiful, I was always like, how can it be beautiful it's probably just like every other YA books writing, well I was wrong. The way Lena's feelings are described and everything is simply beautiful. I mean all of her (Lena's) contradicting feelings and confusion over what to believe and whats real, just feels so real and it's just amazing the way its explained and everything. I'm having issues explaining it obviously but if you read the book I'm sure you'll understand what I mean.
  One last thing is I love Lena, I'm usually very critical when it come to main characters that are girls because usually they're lame or they start out awesome and end up lame, but not Lena. She starts out kind of timid and afraid of living and maybe a bit naive, but then she winds up learning that really she's brave and strong and when it comes down to it she won't just follow every one blindly, she discovers her own beliefs and learns to follow her heart. I love her transformation, though you only see part of it in this book.
   OK, I'm skipping ahead some here, so I'll just stop now. But overall there are a few things I disliked but this book is awesome and I love it.

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