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Review: Requiem by Lauren Oliver

OK, I have finally written my review of Requiem the last in the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver. Sorry its so late but I had to let everything sink in and I've been busy, plus there is so much I have to say about this book I had to give myself time to organize my thoughts and everything. So, I hope you like it and if you hate it don't be afraid to tell me in the comments, I love getting into arguments about books, its so much fun.  
Also I apologize if its lame I have major issues when it comes to writing reviews of books I love, its so much easier for me if I hate it.

(Warning this post may contain spoilers form all three books in the Delirium trilogy by Lauren Oliver)
p.s. I apologize if I jump around a bit with plot points and everything.

  Where to start? Firstly as sad as I am that the series is over I Love this book so much and I for one am completely happy and satisfied with the ending. So it's hard to be sad about it ending when I love it so much.
   Secondly, I would like to say that while I liked Alex more than Julian I was team Lena all the way, as long as it was convincing that she belonged with whoever she ended up with I was happy, but more on that later. 
   So, this one is told alternately from Lena and Hana's POV's (Point of view), which I loved. I actually really enjoyed Hana's POV, it was really cool getting to see everything from someone who's had the cure, and from the inside. While Lena's POV was my favorite, it was nice, especially in the beginning, to get a break from the drama surrounding Lena, and Hana was one of my favorite characters in the first book so I loved seeing more from/of her.
    I loved that it was back in the wilds, cause I love seeing how everything is among the invalids and the wilds are awesome. Also, I loved the parts at what was supposed to be a refuge for the invalids, Waterbury, and how you see that not everyone cares about freedom the same way and how not everyone has what it takes to survive in the wilds, how hard it is for bigger groups in the wilds, and that it's not going to be easy to resist and win and everything.
    On to the characters. While I did love the whole book for the most part, at some points it got to dramatic with Lena, Alex, and Julian, which I hated. While I love Lena no matter what at some points I felt she needed to be slapped, I hated the drama between her, Julian and Alex. I mean they're in the middle of a war and she's more concerned with why Alex wont talk to her, she gets better again fast but it still annoyed me. Alex, why did you make me hate you, a little? Why? Alex really pissed me off at points, especially with Coral, cause he was just using her and being a jerk to Lena at the same time. But I felt he was being a immature a** at some points. I never liked Julian much and that didn't change in this book, because he seemed to me to be trying to hard to be excepted and again it seemed immature, a bit. But at least he wasn't trying to push Lena into being with him, he gave her her space for the most part. But there was still something that a part of me just completely hated about him, I don't know what but it was there. Now about Lena, with Alex and Julian I felt she was kind of a bit** at some points, she used Julian and pushed Alex away, also after the Alex and Julian brawl I don't understand why she wasn't pissed at Julian I mean it was both of their faults and he started it for the most part but she was only mad at Alex, which really irritated me. But still when it counted Lena was all kick-butt again. In this one you see her come into her part as a Resistance fighter more and I loved that, and at some parts she's a complete Bad-ass which again I loved. On to Annabel, Lena's mom, again I felt she got off to easy but I understand that it kinda had to be done quickly because of more important things, but I did feel a but unsatisfied with it. Hana, of course I hated her a bit because of what she did to Lena and Alex, but I loved seeing how things are after the cure and from the inside. The only thing is I hated their reunion, because Hana seemed so much more robotic and everything at that part than in the rest of her parts, I guess it was partly because it was from Lena's POV rather than Hana's but I was excepting it to be more, somehow. About Raven, I refuse, that did not happen, that page does not exist! I refuse! Again I wish Raven, Tack, Hunter and Bram had been in it more but I still love them and the book.
    The End of The End. While I loved the whole storm the gate thing, I wish there had been a tad more action, although I always think there should be more action. My only complaint about the end is that Lena didn't fight much, but I get that she had to get Grace and everything, so I still loved it. And the last 100 pages or so are so, so, so good! I know that allot of people hated the end because it didn't really END and there was no epilogue and there was no closer or anything neatly tied up. But that was why I loved it so much. I hate epilogues because it means everything is decided and the story is completely over, it means the story is written in stone and can never be changed to end how you wanted it to, it means these characters who you love are done with you cause they got their happily ever after and everything is done with and over. But with This ending while you know its over, its not really, you still have hope and can imagine their real ending however you want to, it means the book will stick with you forever and never end, at least not for you. Also, with these kinds of dystopian books it doesn't work for everything to be all tied up neatly at the end, if you have a perfect Happily ever after ending, it winds up seeming less real somehow, I mean if this really happened it wouldn't end in a fade out, and I think that's the point with this ending. Not everything is going to be perfect right away and I think that's part of what the author was going for, a real ending not a fake Happily Ever After, and to keep it in your mind always coming up with different endings of your own, so that your always apart of this world and it of you.

OK, now the last page in Requiem is my favorite page in a book ever because of this -

       "Take down the walls.
     That is, after all, the whole point. You do not know what will happen if you take down the walls; you can not see through to the other side, don't know whether it will bring freedom or ruin, resolution or chaos. It might be paradise or destruction.
     Take down the walls.
     Otherwise you must live closely, in fear, building barricades against the unknown, saying prayers against the darkness, speaking verse of terror and tightness.
     Otherwise you may never know hell, but you will not find heaven, either. You will not know fresh air and flying.
     All of you, wherever you are: in your spiny cities or your one bump towns. Find it, the hard stuff, the links of metal and chink, the fragments of stone filling your stomach. And pull, and pull, and pull.
     I will make a pact with you: I will do it if you will do it, always and forever.
 Take down the walls."
                                   -The last page of Requiem by Lauren Oliver

There is just something about this I love so much. It's awesome and beautiful. But it's more than that it just sums up everything about the books and what Lena's fighting for and just everything. It's just awesomely Epic. 

P.S. After writing this I found a video of the author Lauren Oliver explaining the ending, so here's the link to it-

Song Of the Moment- You're Not Alone by Saosin

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