Thursday, April 11, 2013

Demons vs. Ponies

You've heard on, (on, really I worry about myself sometimes), of My Little Ponies and you hate them. All you've ever wanted is a My Little Demon, well now's your chance just head over to kickstarter and fund this project

Reasons why Demons beat Ponies-
  1. They're Demons, Duh!
  2. Demons eat Ponies for breakfast, well they could if they wanted to.
  3. Who wants a frilly girly pony when you could have your very own demon? 
  4. Demons are just awesome, so are Ponies but come on their DEMONS!
In the epic battle between Ponies and Demons, Demons will always win.
And that concludes this really lame post.
P.S. The only reason for this post is because I really really want my own Demon. And everyone else like me, who have been dreaming of owning their very own Demon, forever, should be able to finally get one.

Song Of The Moment - Iron by Within Temptation 

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