Friday, April 26, 2013

Halestorm concert

 The Halestorm and Bullet for my Valentine concert was a week or so ago and it was Epic! Stars in Stereo opened and they were so awesome and now I'm even more obsessed with them, plus we got to meet them and get autographs so that was awesome. And Young Guns was really cool too, and at one point the bassist jumped into the crowd and they wouldn't give him back the guitarist had to pull him back up, It was awesome. And then, of course, was Halestorm and it was even greater than I thought it would be, it was just completely Epic, they played all my favorites and I cant even explain just how Epic it was. And then, unfortunately, Bullet was kinda a let down, I've never loved them and honestly I think they kinda suck live. But it was still so awesome. And let me just say, Lzzy Hale is even more awesome and bad-ass than I thought possible.
P.s. Sorry this is a bit late, I've had it written since the day after but I had to get the pictures from my brothers. Also I apologize for using the word awesome a few too many times. =P


Stars In Stereo

Young Guns



Bullet For My Valentine

 OK, that's it. Tons of pictures and nothing else. I might have been able to do this a better way, but whatever it works, right? =)

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