Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review: Inferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon

{Spoiler Alert- possibly from any and all books in the Chronicles of Nick series}
  In case you don't know Inferno is the fourth is the Chronicles Of Nick series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I haven't actually reviewed the other three but they're all awesome and fun and just really good books. I kinda just stumble upon the first, Infinity, when I was buying another book and my brother actually bought it and a few weeks later when I had nothing to read I read it and loved it so he gave it to me, its funny considering he still hasn't even read the first one. But yeah, obviously I love them all and now lets move on to the actual review.
By the way if you haven't read the first three books you probably don't want to read this.
  I love these books because they're always awesome. They're action packed and hilarious, the main character is awesome and so are the other characters, and the books are always fun mildly quick reads.
And this one was no different it was awesome and fun and should I just continue to repeat this over and over or move on?
Ok, moving on.
  So, this book finds Nick broken up with Kody and trying not to go all evil, learning new powers and setting people on fire. Plus you know a bunch of demons trying to either kill and/or capture and control him like a slave. Character wise you get some nice amounts of character development and histories of certain characters are revealed, at least partially. Plot wise, you dive deeper into Nick's demon self, and certain people's plans for him and him learning more and growing as a character and everything. And it's just awesome and so so good.
 About the characters - While Kody is awesome she's not my favorite but I loved getting to find out more about her in this one. And I love Caleb and again you finally find out more about his back story and everything, which is awesome. Also Ash is one of my favorites and you learn a bit more about him. So, yeah, lots of character development going on in this book, But I don't want to spoil anything, so lets just say the character development is plentiful and awesome.
  Writing wise, I've always admired her way of balancing the serious parts and action with Nick's sarcasm and everything which makes it extremely funny, and she does not disappoint with this one. My favorite part of the whole book is this part where one of the characters, Brynna (I think I spelled that wrong, sorry), addresses bullying, and the paper she wrote for this Anti bully brigade, and that part is just so good and beautiful and I mean that's the kinda thing everyone wishes they could write, something so true and life changing and just beautiful, and to me those things seem even better when fit in to a fantasy/paranormal type book. But if I had hated the book that part alone would have made me love it, because it's just so true and I love how she addresses something that is so important in life today and everything. Though that is my favorite part the whole book is awesome and probably the best in the series so far, maybe second only to book three because I really loved that one too.
  The only thing I didn't like was the epilogue. I swear it killed me, I hated it so much. While I respect authors and their stories in the sense that it's their story and their world and they have to take it wherever they think it's supposed to go, I hate where this is going. It seems to be leading into a alternate-universe type thing and I hate that. I mean it's fine when the series or whatever is supposed to be about that, but when it's just kinda stuck into the middle of a series I hate it. It always tends to ruin the books for me. Of course I'll give it a try maybe It wont suck but I don't have high hopes for loving it.
But all around this book is awesome and I loved it and the whole series is spectacular  And I highly recommend them all.

Song of the book-ment - Fall On Me by Paradise Fears

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