Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review: Prophecy By Ellen Oh

-This review may contain small spoilers-

    Demons? A Kick-butt female main character? Murdered Kings? count me in.
   Prophecy is the story of Kira, a demon killing, Prince protecting outcast. While Kira is the Kings niece she's never been accepted by the people, because of her yellow eyes and demon killing ability, she's always been a outcast, but that doesn't stop her from trying to save the kingdom when enemy soldiers, and demons, invade. So, basically the kingdom is invaded by an ass working with the Demon lord and so Kira and the Prince must flee and lots of other stuff happens. Its way more interesting than I make it sound, I promise.
   Overall I loved this book. Its awesome, action packed and fast paced. It has a awesome bad-ass main character, which I always love and an interesting premise that hasn't been done to death. The only thing is at parts it seems a little to fast paced, like you barely have time to figure out what just happened in one battle before there's another one or something else just as big and confusing is happening, its still amazing just a bit confusing.
   My first thought after finishing this, well after "I Must Have More NOW!", was "Yes! finally a YA book that's not overflowing with romance", I'm a firm believer that there is such thing as too much romance and that it can ruin the whole book, so I was so happy that there wasn't much in this book. Its nice to have a break from all the 'Love' triangles and the 'I can't live without you's '. But, anyways, this book concentrates more on family and duty to ones country or kingdom, which I thought was really cool and was done really well, with hints of romance here and there. Having said that if you want something with a bunch a romance and kissy scenes I don't recommend this book, however if you want a fun, action packed, fast paced, awesome book go and get this right now. 
   About the characters - I loved Kira, she's a bad-ass, butt-kicking demon slayer, what more could you ask for in a main character? I really enjoyed her relationship with Teajo (her cousin and the Prince), how she would do anything to protect him and not just because its her duty. Kwan irritated me sometimes and Jeawon was confusing and I want to know more about him and everything. But overall I enjoyed all the characters. The only thing is that the whole Shin Bo Hyun thing, the hints that he actually has feelings for Kira and maybe she has feelings for him too? It was weird and felt to me awkward and confusing. 
    But I loved the plot and the execution of said plot. =) 
   I absolutely loved that it was nonstop action for the most part. I loved the characters, the demon hunting (from the beginning), and especially how she (Kira) was an outcast and how she showed them that they were wrong about her and how she never let it stop her and how strong a main character she is and, yeah, just about everything for the most part. 
So, yeah. If your on the fence about reading this I highly suggest that you do read it it's definitely worth it, in my opinion. =)
    P.s. sorry if this review is all mixed up and repetitive but I'm writing it at 2am after finishing the book and I'm really tired (Cue Yawn). =)

Song Of The Moment - Promise by Thomas Bergersen 

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