Thursday, April 25, 2013

Simple Happiness

So, I've compiled a list* of simple happiness, meaning simple small things that make people happy. You know how you can spend days sad or depressed or just bummed out and then something as simple as a good song or five minutes of hanging out with your best friend can make you feel happy and then you cant even remember what was wrong in the first place? Well that's what this list is about.
Simple Happiness -
  • Sharing a Popsicle with your best friend on a hot summer day
  • Curling up with a good book on a cold winters night
  • The Smell Of Rain
  • The Perfect Song When Your Feeling Down
  • Movie Night
  • Game Night with your family, even if your not all that close to your family it can be nice to spend time with people who love you unconditionally.
  • A Great Song for every moment
  • Having someone to share good, or bad, news with.
  • Having someone to spend your birthday with, who cares enough to but you a cake or just call you extremely early to sing you happy birthday even if that person is a terrible singer.
  • Christmas morning, how even if there are no gifts everyone is happy and content, it just feels good and happy.
  • Just laying around doing something you love and feeling at least for a moment, at peace with the world.
  • Your favorite song playing at the perfect moment
  • Reading this blog, hopefully it makes you happy. =)
So, there is my list of simple happiness, I'm sure there is a ton of other things, but I cant think of them and I've been working on this post for like 2 weeks, =( , So feel free to leave a comment about something simple that makes you happy down below. =)

I made a playlist for this also, it's mainly happy upbeat fun songs, that I at least love.

*In case you haven't noticed I like to make lists, it's a real problem. I like turn my whole life into a series of lists, maybe that's how I should write my book? Where like the main character is telling their story through a series of lists or something like that, I might actually get it written that way. =P

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