Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ode To A Watermelon

Ok, keep in mind that I am not a poet nor have I ever written an Ode poem before, let alone one about a melon, but hopefully this is better than my Halloween poem(wink,wink)*. Also, feel free to admire my rhyming skills. =)

- Ode To A Watermelon - 
Watermelon You Are My Heaven,
Oh How I Wish I Had Seven,
Watermelon, With Your Beautiful Colors, Green And Pink,
I Cant Look Away, I Cant Even Blink,
Watermelon Oh How I Hate Your Seeds,
But I Still Love You More Than My Steeds,
Watermelon You Are So Very Yummy,
And Now You Are In My Tummy,
Watermelon, Even Now As I Have A Stomach Ache,
Still You Make My Heart quake,
Oh How I Love You So My Watermelon,
You Really Are My Heaven.

Quick question - Did this crack you up as much as it did me? No? Ok.
Now, technically this may not be an ode but it makes it sound better, right?

Song Of The Moment - I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders 

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  1. If you tell me NOT to look up something called "Ode to a Watermelon"... well, always assume that I will, in fact, look up "Ode to a Watermelon". I mean, it's good that you like watermelon though ;)

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

    1. Oh my god! I'm afraid to even reread this post it's been so long since I made it! Is it horrible? I have a rule about reading things I wrote so long ago because it's always so embarrassing. Haha. I can't believe you looked it up and now I will never mention one of these posts again! =D

      I really do like watermelon though..