Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Two Reviews:

Review #1 - How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True by Sarah Strohmeyer
Review #2 - That Time I Joined The Circus by J.J. Howard

So, I have two short reviews and even though the books have absolutely nothing to do with each other I decided to post them together, because I'm weird that way.

{Warning this post may contain spoilers, but probably not.}

How Zoe Made Her Dreams (Mostly) Come True - 
  This book is about Zoe, obviously. So, Zoe and her cousin Jess become interns at Fairyland, which is basically Disneyland, but focused more on the princesses and fairytales and whatnot, so their cast characters and Zoe winds up being the 'Evil Queens' assistant. And there's this 'Dream and Do' grant and Zoe is trying to help her cousin win it and everything. So, of course there's drama surrounding it and everything. (I am doing a horrible job at this.)
  Overall it's a really good fun YA contemporary. The characters are enjoyable and realistic, there's a nice little mystery thrown in which is awesome and, of course, some romance. I loved Zoe as a character she's awesome, and I loved her relationship with Jess and everything. The romance was pretty standard, but I did love Ian, though I preferred the other stuff better I loved everything about Fairyland and everything with the 'Evil Queen', I loved pretty much everything about this book. Overall it's awesome, funny and entertaining and everything you could want in a YA contemporary. I totally recommend it to any contemporary fan and yeah, you should totally pick it up. And I apologize for the lame review. =)
Song Of The Book-Ment - Every Breathe You Take by The Police - So, this is the main characters ring tone for the 'Evil Queen' and it got stuck in my head because of it.

That Time I Joined The Circus - 
  The main character, who goes by many names, but for the sake of not confusing you I'll go with Lexi, so Lexi's dad dies and her mom is awol and has been for years, so she has to go find her and it turns out she joined the circus, and this is just the beginning of a story that includes Lexi joining said circus, making out with a few guys, becoming a fortune teller, having to deal with her ex-best friend showing up and upsetting her new life and might eventually led to her reuniting with her mom and somehow finding a way to combine her old life with her new and find a way to be happy again, not to mention plenty of references to awesome music, which of course I loved.
  I have mixed feelings about this book, at parts I completely loved it, and at parts I got bored and annoyed with Lexi and angry with certain love interests and its complicated, which is an amazing amount of feelings in a short less than 300 page book. I kinda hated Lexi in the beginning and then I loved her towards the middle, and then I didn't like her so much again for awhile and in the end I at least really liked her, like I said my feelings for this book are complicated. I liked most of the other characters except for the ex-best friend who I hated. I loved one specific love interest whom she did not end up with. =( I loved the whole Circus thing, it was really cool and even though I don't really like the circus in real life I love it in books and I love the whole run off and join the circus thing I just think its fascinating and really cool and fun. I loved her relationship with all the other performers and everything, and I thought Lexi was a really fun, complex, real character which was nice. And It really is a great book for the most part. I just got frustrated with Lexi at parts and some of her choices and everything, but it's not that its a bad book or anything just that it didn't go the way I wanted it to at some parts. Plus I hated who she ended up with, but I loved that the author made me be OK with it and almost like it. The whole ending was OK, not great, but I only say that because she ends up with the wrong guy! Sometimes I think I get too invested and into a book, its a real problem. But overall a good book and I definitely recommend it. And I'm gonna shut up now.
Song Of The Book-Ment - Still Into You by Paramore

Do two lame reviews equal one OK one? I hope so.

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