Sunday, June 30, 2013

Recommendations! Books! Music! Movies! T.V Shows! And Random Stuff!

  • The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer - Cinder and Scarlet, they have quickly become some of my all time favorite books, you have to read them! Do it!
  • Another Little Piece by Kate Quinn
  • Au Revoir, Crazy European Chick by Joe Schreiber
Music!- Songs instead of bands and artists.
  • 45 by Shinedown
  • I Forgive You by Every Avenue
  • Keep In Mind by LoCash Cowboys
  • Never There by Lee DeWyze
  • In The End by Black Veil Brides
  • White Rabbit by Egypt Central
Movies!- This kinda sucks because I don't actually watch that many movies anymore, I mean some new ones when they're in theaters but besides that not so much.
  • Monsters University - Dude, Nathon Fillion! Need I say more?
  • Iron Man 3 - The best Iron Man in my opinon 
  • John Tucker Must Die - This is one of my all time favorite movies ever.
  • When In Rome - Another one of my favorites
T.V. Shows! -
  • Gilmore Girls - My favorite show ever.
  • The Loony Tunes Show - The new one. It's not as good as the old stuff but still awesome.
  • Baby Daddy
  • Castle
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Warehouse 13
  • The Fosters - The only drama type show that I watch, Gilmore Girls doesn't count! =)
Random Stuff -
  • Sushi
  • Diet Dr. Pepper
  • Mint Chocolate gum
  • Lemon Bars
  • Buffets
  • Vanilla Cappuccinos
  • Taffy Cookies
  • Red Plums
Song Of The Moment - Hopeful Romantic by This Century

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Summer I Wrote A Book - Update 3 - Misspellings

Firstly, I decided that I would call these 'updates' instead of like 'part' 1 and 'part' 2.
Secondly, I have officially set myself a goal of finishing my book by the end of summer not summer vacation but the actual end of the season which is September 21.
And lastly I am great at spelling things wrong, for instance I continually spell no know when its supposed to be no, you know?  Also, I spelled "Sweet relief" "Sweat relief", so yeah I have some issues. =)
Also I'm on chapter 4! Yay! I'm averaging about a chapter every two days, which I think is pretty respectable and these are like 13 page chapters not like 4 pages. Plus I'm just getting into it and figuring things out and everything. =)

Song Of The Moment - Keep In Mind by LoCash Cowboys - I have been waiting for this song to come out on I-tunes forever, it's the only song of theirs that I really LOVE, and it FINALLY came out. =)

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Summer I Wrote A Book - Part 2

5  Necessities When Writing A Book -
Now, I am by no means an expert but I thought of these kinda randomly and I thought it would be fun to post them.

  1. Snackage - Seriously you must have good snacks
  2. Coffee - This ones pretty obvious but needed to be said none the less 
  3. A Pen -Or any other type of writing material but even when typing it you will eventually need a pen when rereading and making corrections, right?
  4. A Cat - They make great distractions when you get stuck and need a break, I'm considering dedicating my book to my cats if it ever gets published, to crazy?
  5. Chocolate - This kinda goes with snakage but come on every list has to have chocolate for it to count, right?
So, I have officially moved on from the outline and world/character development (which is where I started, I don't know if allot of writers do it this way or what but its what I did, if you are a writer or an aspiring writer, like me, how do you start when writing a book, do you plan it all out? Just part of it? Or none of it?) stage and am now officially writing the book, it took me awhile but I'm on chapter 3 now. =)
Now speaking of chapters, whether you're a writer or just a reader, do you prefer just plain numbered chapters or like chapters that actually have a name that says something about what the chapter is about or funny names that make you laugh, or do you just plain not care? Personally I like the funny chapter names, like in the Percy Jackson series. Answers in the comments, please?

P.S. Yes snackage is a word. =P

Song of The Moment - Anywhere Buy Here by Mayday Parade

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Procrastination / The Summer I Wrote A Book - Part 1

I am an expert at this. Procrastinating. For example, I'm supposed to be working on my book (you know, the one I'm supposed to be writing?) but instead I spent the last half hour making a playlist to listen to while writing and yesterday I spent a half hour designing a costume sign for my bedroom door that says - Writing Realm Do Not Enter - and then proceeded to spend $35 ordering it, when I really shouldn't have considering Comic-con is only a little over a month away and I still don't have my spending money together, anyways I am an awesome procrastinator.
Book writing wise I have recruited my brother as my 'critic' partner and also as my jailer, meaning he has to make sure that I get a certain amount of work done each week, or I'm not aloud to read or blog, so far its working pretty well. Why you ask, am I suddenly into writing my book, again? Well you see I've had the idea for this book for almost three years and haven't gotten past the first chapter, I mean I had it all outlined for the most part in my head, but no actually progress to show and well I got tired of it, and I figured if I'm serious about being a writer and maybe one day getting a book published I needed to get off my a** and start actually doing it, you know? I mean I know I'm only 17 and most 17 year olds spend their summer partying or whatever, but I really want to spend this summer writing for real, not just messing around with my book a little and spend the rest of the time reading, I love to read but I'm tired of just reading other peoples books I want to finally write my own, you know? And while I know its not gonna be easy, and I might not finish it this summer I want to at least have something to show for it, you know? I want to make some real progress for once. =) Ok, I'm done now, seeing as I should probably go and actually work on it rather than just talk about working on it.
So, this is the start of a series of posts, more like updates, called The Summer I Wrote A Book and it will be updates on how the book is coming along and just anything and everything about writing a book, keep in mind this is the first book I'm writing and I am in no way a professional nor do I know any, but its just a dreamers first book, and I thought it would be fun to kinda chronicle it here and everything. Now other posts wise I don't know how many I'll be doing because I'll be busy with this stuff but I'll try and do others every once in a while, at least. And finally, this may continue into 'The Fall I Wrote A Book' because I'm not sure I can write a whole book in one summer, I don't think I'm that good, but we'll see, also once I'm further along I'll see about maybe doing a post about what the book is actually about and whatnot. =)
Song Of The Moment - Nightmare by Set it Off  
P.S. My cat is a druggie
P.S.S. Let me know in the comments if your taking on any big tasks this summer.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tattoo Tattoo

So, I finally got my first tattoo, Friday night my brothers and I all got one and I'm proud to say that I did not chicken out at the last moment like I thought I might. What did I get, you ask? Well I was going to get the Deathly Hallows symbol on my forearm but since I'm only 17 they would only do it somewhere that can be covered by clothing and so I got the Mockingjay symbol on my uperarm, and its awesome. Firstly, let us address the most important question - Did it hurt? Yes, It hurt like hell. I think in ways its not as bad as you think its going to be but also its worse than you think it will be, if that makes sense. It feels like a knife is cutting into your skin over and over, at least in the worse parts but in other parts you can barely feel it, at least that was my experience, luckily they have to take a break every few minutes to get more ink or to wipe up the extra ink and everything so it gives you a break from the pain. For the most part I held my breath while I was getting tattooed and then when she would take a break I would finally take a breathe. So yeah, painful definitely but worth it. So, the pictures kinda suck so I'll get better ones later and post them then but here's one for now.

It's not my fault, you try and take a picture of your own arm not using a mirror and with just the camera on your phone, go on I'll wait. =)

Song Of The Moment - Tattoo by Van Halen