Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Superhero's To-Do List

  • Get Cape Fixed (Got burned on last rescue mission)
  • Pick Up Back-Up Cape From Dry Cleaning
  • Fix the door (crashed through it on way to last rescue mission)
  • Do good deeds
  • Find Super Villain to defeat
  • Go to superhero support group
  • Choose An Arch Nemesis 
So, this started as a superhero packing list since I'm packing for comic-con but I didn't get far so I decided to do the to-do list plus the packing list down below.

  • Tights + Back-up tights in case of "Accident"
  • Underwear (Tighty Whities for inside tights nice ones for outside tights)
  • Cape
See this^ is why I scraped that Idea! =)
Anyways, Tuesday morning I leave for San Diego! And I shall try and post everything I mentioned in my Comic-Con update post and you can follow my facebook page for more consistent updates about my trip including a nice countdown from Monday night about how many hours it is until I leave. =)
And twitter which I wont really use much, probably. -

Song Of The Moment - Renegade by Styx 

P.S. Sorry if this offends any superheroes. =)

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