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Review: The Holder's Dominion by Genese Davis

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First I feel I must admit to maybe being a little biased about this book, because I met the author at Comic-Con and she is really really awesome and super nice, and I like her as a person and if I hadn't met her I sadly probably wouldn't have picked up the book, having said that I really did love the book and I don't feel like I loved it because I like the author, so here is my (hopefully) unbiased review of The Holder's Dominion by Genese Davis.

This review might include minor spoilers (I'm not sure yet.)

About The Book-  This book is the story of a college student named Kaylie who has had trouble dealing with her dad's death. After running into an old friend she is introduced to the world of Edannair an online game. She quickly becomes enthralled with the game and uses it to help cope with her less than great reality. But danger lurks in the form of The Holder, leader of an elite team called Sarkmarr and his crazy and sometimes tragic offline quests(called a Morphis), Kaylie is determined to save her friends and basically just bring the holder down a notch or two.
-oh, yeah. I'm just awesome with the summaries, right?


Short Version -
   I loved it. The characters felt real and the book really sucks you in from the very beginning and never lets you go. The world of Edannair is so realistic, like it feels so real that you can picture it perfectly, and at points it's hard to tell the difference from Kaylie's reality, and the game, which I think is a good thing. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves books. Especially if you like fantasy books and/or gaming. =)

Long Version -Basically the same as the short version but with more detail.
    I loved it.
   I really liked the main character, Kaylie, because she was so real, the way the author shows Kaylie's struggle over her dad's death and how her family is falling apart, it's all very real and believable. Throughout the book you really get to know and love her character. Nothing in this book feels fake, all of the main character's emotions and the way the game changes and effects the characters, the relationships, even the Holder, it all feels real. I hate it when in books these feelings and stuff don't seem to fit the way a character is acting and stuff like that, but you don't have that problem with this book. I loved how she started playing the game to help her friends, but it ends up helping her the most. And I loved all the intrigue and mystery surrounding the Holder.
  The thing I loved most though was the world of Edannair, the way the author writes about it and explains it really makes it come to life and you can completely see and imagine it. I loved the way the game and reality kinda merge, with the Morphis assignments and just with how the game changes Kaylie and helps her to move on. The author just does an amazing job of blending fantasy and reality together, the book pulls you into the world of this game and makes everything feel so real that at parts the game feels more real than the characters reality which works really well with what the character is going through.
   Basically I loved the whole thing, but my favorite parts were when she was in the game. Also, I really really want a sequel I need to know more(about certain things I don't want to spoiler)!
Overall it's an awesome book I thought it was done extremely well, and it really holds your attention. So, go on, go buy the book, you know you want to. =)

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