Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Books- Least Favorites: Endings

This is a list of books that I hated the ending of, whether its a stand alone, trilogy or a complete series. So, I shall name the series, book title and author with my rating and a sentence of why I hate it and then do a more in-depth look to some of them later.
Stars (Or the best I can figure to do stars which look like this * and aren't actually stars) - 1-5 - 1 being I only mildly hated it and 5 being I wish I had never read this, and it should burn in hell for all of eternity  =) not too harsh, right?

Stand-Alones - I don't really read a ton of stand alones besides contemporaries which I usually like the ending of, so yeah.
  • That Time I Joined The Circus by J.J. Howard -*- The only thing I didn't like about this is in the end she ends up with the wrong person! In my opinion but it's still a really good book. =)
  • Touched by Cyn Balog - **** - The ending is horrible, seriously it basically makes the whole book pointless.
Trilogies -
  • The Maze Runner by James Dashner - **- I don't completely hate this one, it's just that I loved Maze Runner so much and then Scorch Trials was no where near as good and Death Cure was even worse mainly because of something that happens at the end that I hated. Then I got an advanced readers copy of The Kill Order at Comic-Con last year but still cant bring myself to read it. I have a kinda love hate relationship with James Dashner books. =)
  • The Beyonders by Brandon Mull -*- now don't get me wrong he is one of my favorite authors ever, and I did really love this series, but I didn't love the ending, I still love the series and everything I just wasn't thrilled with the ending.
  • The Books Of Umber: The End Of Time by P.W. Catanese -****- I just don't like the ending, I don't like the way certain things ended up.
Series -
  • Pendragon by D.J Machale -*****- This series is one of my all time favorites but the epilogue is the worst thing ever! Only the epilogue should burn in hell for eternity the rest of the book is fine, but the epilogue I hate it so bad!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Maximum Ride: Nevermore - ***********************- Infinite stars.
  • 13th Reality by James Dashner - **** - Why, why, did you do this to me? (I know kinda vague but more about this later.)
  • Alex Rider by Anthony Horowitz - ****- I just hate how down hill the series went after Snake Eyes they just got boring and repetitive and I hate it because it was such a good series. I just feel like it didn't get the ending it deserved.
  • The Last Dragon Chronicles: Fire World by Chris D'Lacey - ***- Now I haven't read the last one yet, but I really hated Fire World, I had such high hopes for it because I really loved Dark Fire it was my favorite and just the best and then I could barely bring myself to finish Fire World, I will however eventually read the last one The Fire Ascending I just cant do it yet, you know?
  • The Secrets Of The Immortal Nicholas Flamel: The Enchantress by Michael Scott - *** - Ok, I understand the ending I just mildly hate it.
  • Galahad: The Galahad Legacy by Dom Testa - * - This is far from a horrible ending just certain things didn't end how I wanted them to, which kinda makes me a b**** for putting it on this list. But yeah, all around an OK ending but not my favorite.
Other -
  • Variants: Feedback by Robison Wells - *****- Like seriously, where the F*** did that come from and then you just END it, that is not an ENDING, are you stupid or something? (No offence to the author) 
  • Incarceron: Spphique by Catherine Fisher -**- I just plain didn't like it.
  • Eon: Eona by Alison Goodman -****- I just hated it, I didn't even finish it, I only had about 100 pages left, but could not bring myself to read it.
  • The Dreamhunter Duet: Dreamquake by Elizabeth Knox- ***- This one wasn't completely horrible but weird and confusing.
  • Witch & Wizard by James Patterson - I didn't rate this one because I haven't actually read The Kiss, but I refuse and I hate the fact that he wrote more because it ENDED there should not be anymore, and I just know that if I read it it will make me hate the whole series and so I'm boycotting it. =)
 Now honestly I think if you tried you could probably find something you don't like about the ending of any book or trilogy simply because it's ended and personally I try to understand the endings of books and why the author might have decided to do it that way and everything but this list is of ones that I simply cant stand, whether because its truly awful or just because my favorite character died or simply that I felt the story deserved a better ending. But I would like to point that this is just my opinion, and you shouldn't necessarily not read these books because I think the endings suck and I mean no offence to the authors. Also, for the most part these books are really good and I just didn't love the ending but that doesn't mean the whole thing is horrible plus you could end up loving the ending, this post is just for fun not to bash these books or authors.
  So, eventually, I'll be posting a Great Books With Bad Endings and Why Epilogues Are Horrible post which goes more in-depth to what I don't like about some of these endings and obviously why I hate epilogues. Also, I may do a post of my favorite endings, but I'm not sure about that one. So, make sure to check back for that and comment with any books or series where you hated the endings.

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