Thursday, July 18, 2013

San Diego Comic-Con 2013: Day 1

  Day 1 of Comic-Con, finally!
Oh My God! I am sooooooo tired, but it was sooooooo awesome. I mainly bought stuff today, but I did do one signing and one panel (My first panel ever!). I cant even begin to explain how big or how awesome Comic-Con is, it's one of those things where you have to see it to believe it. Later on I will post pictures of some of the stuff I bought but for now I will talk about some of the bigger things I did. The Kendare Blake signing which I was so excited for and was so awesome she is soooo awesome.  -

And then the Simon & Shuster panel which was really fun plus I got a free Mortal Instruments shirt. Then on the way out we did the Ender's Game experience -

One of my favorite things is the cos-players, there was tons of wonder woman's and Superman's not to mention Captian Americas. -

Day One Playlist -

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If I get at least three real comments on this post or any of my Comic-Con 2013 posts I will do a Comic-Con swag giveaway, with a signed book and some kind of small Comic-Con exclusive something, I don't know what really but it will be awesome. So if I get the comments I will post the actual giveaway when I get back home. =)

P.S.S I was too tired/bust yesterday to post so I added it here. =)
Firstly we went to mysterious galaxy, and I got a few signed books they had. -

Then We got our Badges!!!!!- We stalked the Grimm bus and then there was a dude with an awesome mohawk-

And finally we had dinner in old town which was so so good. 

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