Saturday, July 6, 2013

Update: San Diego COMIC-CON 2013!

This post is about everything I plan on posting about while at Comic-Con and about the road to Comic-Con, meaning the eight hour drive, and anything else I might do while in San Diego.
Now if you care about hearing all about Comic-Con you might wanna follow my facebook page as I will probably post pictures and stuff there that I wont add to my blog posts.
  • I plan on doing a post for each day of the Con including a small playlist for each day and maybe various other stuff.
    • I haven't completely decided what I'm gonna do, I'm thinking either small update posts throughout each day like Day 1 update 1 and then 1.5 and so on or just like make myself notes throughout the day and do one big post when I get back to the hotel every night. I'm kinda leaning towards the 1 post a day thing, but I'm worried I might fall behind so we'll see.
  • Plus a Booty/Treasure/Haul/I don't know what I'm gonna call it post every day or at least every other day with pictures of all the cool stuff I buy and everything.
  • And then eventually a post with all the cool pictures of cos players and everything. And then an overall update when we get home.
  • Plus a road trip essentials thing for the drive and a playlist for the drive there and one for the drive home.
So, yeah. This is pretty much everything I plan on posting about, some things I may not get to or I might do other posts and probably at least one weird random one. =)
Also, I am now leaving on the 16th like really really early in the morning and staying a day or two longer in San Diego after comic-con is over.

Song Of The Moment - Picture This by Big Time Rush -Yeah, I have a wide variety of music that I like. =)

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