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Movie Review: Percy Jackson Sea Of Monsters

Forward -
  Okay, so if you somehow don't know this about me I love the Percy Jackson book series by Rick Riordan, I have been reading them since 2007 right after the third one, The Titian;s Curse, came out and I have been obsessed with them. They are literally my favorite books ever, I have read them all many times, and there is no way to explain just how much I love them. The point is I was so excited when the first movie finally came out and I kinda love Logan Lerman so I was even more excited when I heard he was going to play Percy and even though no one they picked to play the characters looked right and they were all to old and even after all the previews for it that made it look kinda bad I was still so excited for it, and then I actually saw it. And I literally spent like two weeks in mourning, I was crushed! How could they do that to me? To us, all of us faithful die hard fans? And seriously did you even read the book? Then I made the mistake of somehow tricking myself into thinking I was too hard on the movie, and it wasn't really as bad as I thought, right? SO then I got all super excited when it released on dvd and I bought it the day it came out, watched it again and all my hopes and dreams came crashing back down, it really was that bad! I swear to god I don't think they did one thing that actually happens in the book in the movie! But I did get over it a little when I read a interview Rick Riordan did where he said that he had nothing to do with the movie and how he never even watched it, plus it helped to listen to all the other die hard fans ranting about it. Solidarity!
  The point being I had completely gotten over it when they announced that they were going through with the sequel, and I decided that I wouldn't go see it and then the previews came and it really looked better I mean at least Annabeth had blonde hair! But I still decided I wouldn't see it, but then it came out! And it's Percy Jackson! And how could I not see it!? Then I see all the posts on facebook and there's all this talk of a last battle scene where they apparently did something weird and stupid and I HAD TO KNOW what they were talking about!!!! I HAD TO! Plus Nathan Fillion! And so I went and now I shall review it!

Spoiler alert!

Review -
Firstly, I must say that it was way better than the first, it didn't fix all the problems from the first and certain things would be different no matter what because they aged the characters and its a movie, but it was definitely better. Having said that they still missed allot of the things that actually happened on the quest, I don't understand why they keep changing which monsters they fight and the order in which things get done, but still I did really enjoy the movie for the most part.
  Lets go by character -
   Percy - My main complaint with Percy is in the movies he's too serious, but the way he doubts his powers and Poseidon that was all right a bit dramatic and funny at points, but right! The thing I could not stand is about Riptide, now Riptide is one thing they did pretty good in the first movie but in this one they changed it to being the 'cursed' blade from the prophecy, at least that's what they hinted at, plus they said it was Poseidon's blade that he used with Zeus and Hades to chop and kill Kronos with, WTF! Seriously! No. Just No! And then he doesn't use his sword enough, I thought, I mean all these times he's confronting Luke and he doesn't draw his sword, why? Then he creates this wave and he's riding it, which was fine he's the son of Poseidon he can walk on water, but then Luke jumps on the wave with him and he's walking on it trying to catch Percy and since when can Luke, a son of Hermes!, walk on water!!!?!!!?
  Annabeth - She has no character, she's boring. She doesn't seem as smart, while it's awesome that she's badass shes too badass, she has no baseball cap that turns her invisible and no knife! come on! That's the cursed blade not Percy's sword, you morons! But she did have blonde hair, so there's that.
  Grover - Is still just as awesome, but he gets caught at the wrong part and blah blah blah, it worked, wasn't quiet right, but it worked.
  Tyson - He is one of my favorite characters in the books and he was OK in the movie but not great, its like they made him smarter and dumber at the same time. And the part where he stops the bull is weird and just weird. They did his and Percy's relationship pretty good, though.
  Clarisse - Was also just okay. She was great at first but then she got too nice and I love the actress but she's too pretty to play Clarisse.
  Hermes - They was quiet a few things I liked about this movie but the best thing is Nathan Fillion as Hermes. Nathan Fillion! 'Nuf said.
 Moving on -
  The whole movie dumbs everything down, and the whole thing feels rushed and I mean they skip so many things you think for an awesome battle with Polyphemus and everything but no, that's all accomplished way too easy and then Kronos! Really? Really!? What are you thinking!? So yeah, he rises and eats Luke and then Grover and then somehow Percy very easily defeats him using the "cursed" blade, Riptide, that apparently Poseidon also used to kill Kronos, seriously! So yeah, then he gets pulled back into his golden coffin and Luke and Grover just pop out all fine nothing wrong with them. Then Annabeth's dramatic death scene, yeah they finally figure out that they should put the golden fleece on her and Percy yells random sappy things and she dies, two seconds, two seconds!, later she breathes! Seriously! You didn't give enough time for it to sink in that she's died and for people to start doubting that she'll live before you bring her back!
  One thing that was really cool was the Fish Pony, except for the fact that Tyson never once refers to it as a Fish pony!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!
Really over all it is better than the first I swear, I actually enjoyed it but I think part of it was that I wasn't expecting much from it, which it sad. But I really am curious to see the next one I hope that they'll keep getting better and better.
  One last thing it is Thalia not Talia, right? Or am I just the only person who has been pronouncing it wrong this whole time?

Song Of The Moment - Play It Again by Luke Byran

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