Monday, August 12, 2013

Over hype - The Fault In Our Stars

I think a books popularity can sometimes be a bad thing, not for the author but for a reader. Because you have this book that no one will stop talking about and your friends swear it's the best book in the world and all the reviews agree, so you go in with such high expectations, but the book feels maybe just meh to you. Because while it has all the makings of a great book how can anything live up to such high expectations? Also, books are different for everyone, it's like when you hear this song and somehow this song just clicks with you it's like everything you are or want to be in one four minute song and you're convinced that it's the best song ever and so you play it for your friends and they're like it's a cool song, but it's just another song to them. Everyone reads and sees and understands a book differently, and when a book means that much to you, you just love it so much, it's your favorite book ever, you automatically assume without a doubt that it really is the best book ever, I mean it could be a book with a thousand bad reviews and you're the only person you know of that loves this book, but it's your favorite and to you that makes it the best book in the world. It's all perspective, something that you can find no flaws in, another might completely and totally despise, but when so many people feel the same way about something it makes it to where no matter what you want to feel that way too, it puts it up on this pedestal and you don't want to be the one to take it down, you assume you're going to love it therefore you do.

I also think there are some books that people just go in to thinking they have to love it, it's supposed to be this epic book and everyone else in the universe, your friends, your favorite reviewers and booktubers, every author you follow, they all love it and so you think there's no way I can hate this book it's obviously one of the best things there ever was and then even if you really feel it's just meh, you convince yourself you love it because that's the way everyone is supposed to feel about this book. But just because you love books doesn't mean you'll love every great book ever written, plus who has time to read them all? I love to read but have never read a classic and don't plan to, I think they sound boring, and I hate books set in the past, but that doesn't make me any less of a booknerd/lover, so I don't like one or two genres, I still love books and I still hate quite a few book everyone else seems to love and I love many that allot hate, that's just who I am, but I'm not going to read things I know I'll hate just because, I like to read things I enjoy reading about mainly sy-fy and fantasy and I'm not going to try and read a bunch of classics just because a bunch of people smarter than me say that everyone should. My point is(and yes I do have one) read what you love to read and sure their are some books you're going to read just because it seems like something everyone has to read it at some point, but hate it if you want don't try and love something just because everyone else does. =) And my advise is to try and go into books with an open mind if you go in thinking you're going to absolutely love a book or completely hate it it will effect the way you read it, at least in my experience.

This post was inspired by the fact that over the weekend I finally read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, I read it partly because it was on sale on amazon, and mainly because of the way people are always talking about it. Not really because I thought it would be the best book in the world, but because it was something out of my comfort zone, I don't read a ton of contemporary as it is and I hate reading sad books because I read books to make me happy not to make me cry, which I am proud to say I didn't. But somehow I got the thought in my head that this was something I had to read at some point, like I just can't go through life having never read this book, partly to see what all the big fuss was and partly because I had never read a John Green book and no one ever shuts up about him and according to all the reviews if your going to read one that's the one to read. But I'd been debating about it for months and when I saw that it was only $4 on kindle I decided to get it. So, while I was sick this weekend I read it but I went in thinking that it had to be great and that even with only liking/reading select few contemporaries that I would love it and I did, for the most part. It's definitely a really good book, I gave it five stars on Goodreads and everything, but it got me thinking would I have liked it more or less had it not been built up and put on a pedestal in my mind? How much of it did I love because I actually liked it and how much did I love it because I thought I was supposed to and that I would? How great do I think it is because I generally love it and how great do I think it is because I always assumed that it would be?

I did write a short review for the book which I will post later today. =)

Song Of The Moment - Upside Down by Farewell Disaster


  1. I have the same thought after reading it. It's sweet and all but ultimately did not wowed me so much. For me maybe after experiencing the real thing you'll get jaded after reading about fictional people coping through the big C.

    1. Yeah, I honestly think I would have enjoyed it more had I not heard so much hype about the book before hand. I've actually heard allot of people who have gone through the big C, as you say, say the same thing as you.