Sunday, August 4, 2013

Review: Frozen by Melissa De La Cruz ad Michael Johnston

About the book - Set in a future where the earth has frozen, the water is toxic and the military corrupt, the story focuses on Nat a girl with magical powers, a girl who is marked. The marked have a variety of magical powers with one main thing in common the government doesn't want them alive, or it does but for their own cruel purposes. Nat is in search of the one place she might be safe, The Blue, a supposedly mythical land with clear water and sunshine. She hires Wes, a runner with his own secrets. And so their journey begins.

Short and Sweet Version -
I really enjoyed this book. It's original and different and just awesome. It's kinda dystopian and fantasy and its blends together so well that you never think to question it. I loved the world and the characters. There's twists and turns that you never see coming and that can be hard to find in some YA. It's magical and thrilling, and has everything from a corrupt government and military to pirates, slavers and mages.
I loved pretty much everything about this book and would highly recommend it to any fans of dystopian/ post apocalyptic and/or fantasy books. =)

Long Version - Non Existent*

*I suck at reviews!!!!!
I tried but everything was just repetitive of the short version with a couple extra words so we're gonna stick with the short and sweet version. =)

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