Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Review: The Waking Dark by Robin Wasserman

About the book - The story revolves around five teenagers who all had a part in what is referred to as the killing day, whether they took part in it or witnessed it first hand and how their lives are changed. The book starts on the killing day then jumps ahead a year to the storm. A tornado rips through the small town of Oleander Kansas bringing down destruction. Not long after the storm the military arrives and locks down the borders not letting anyone out, for their own good. The book continues told through various points of view and I'm doing a horrible job of explaining it so I'll just put the Goodreads link here - http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17061489-the-waking-dark

  This book is dark and creepy, basically awesome, in case you didn't know this about me I like dark and creepy stuff. =) There is a nice diverse collection of main characters all of which I loved.
A few Words to describe this book - Dark and Creepily Good.
This book has it all when it comes to characters a bible thumper(no offense), a gay jock, depressed teens, a girl from a family of mobsters, and a guy who will do anything to protect the little bit of family he has left. And the book is way better than that makes it sound, I swear.
Besides that it has everything a dark and creepy book should have big guys with guns who no one really knows are, voices urging the main characters to do bad things, massive random killings most of which take place on what is referred to as the killing day, mystery and deceit.
I really loved this book, while creepy books aren't my favorite I really do love a good read that gets you blood pumping and makes you sleep with the lights on.
I thought all the characters were awesome and everything about the book is at least mildly creepy and real and believable which just makes it even creepier.
I would recommend this book to fans of Jeyn Robert's The Dark Inside but also it reminds some of D.J Machale's Sylo with the quarantine by the government that no one knows about and a mysterious disease. And for anyone who loves dark and creepy books, in that genre this book more than excels. =)

Sorry if this review kinda sucks but I've been putting off writing it and just wanted to get it done. =)

P.S. While I feel I have been better with reviews don't count on me keeping it up because knowing myself the way I do I know that eventually I will stop with the reviews because sometimes I just suck like that. =)

Song Of The Moment - A Demon's Fate by Within Temptation

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