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Romantic Cliche's In YA

Besides the ever present love triangle there is another one that I absolutely hate that appears in quite a few YA books, which is reincarnations. Also,there is of course insta-love. By the way prepare now for a nice long rant. =)

Love Triangles -
  • First of all I do understand the need for love triangles because it makes things interesting and it keeps you hooked wanting to know if the main character will end up with your favorite but having said that it does gets old after awhile.And am i the only one who always finds it completely obvious who the girl(or guy) is going to end up with from the beginning? Even if it's not who you want? Unless of course the author makes them pick the other one because even though they don't love them as much it's the "right" thing to do. 
  • My problem is that I swear in almost everything either the "bad" boy gets the girl or the girl picks the nice one because she feels bad for him, which is just wrong.
  • Also, it seems to me that allot of the time it's not even really a love "triangle" cause it's obvious that she(he) loves one more than the other but still they make it go on and on giving it the impression that there are two ways the story can end.
Insta Love -
  • I'm sure everyone knows what insta-love is where in a matter of a few pages or whatever two characters are suddenly completely in love and I hate it! In my opinion it takes away from the story, as much as I tend to despise to much romance in a fantasy book I'd rather have more where you get to see them fall for each other slowly than where Bam! they're in love and you didn't even see it coming!
  • My thing is if you expect and want readers to love these characters and love them together you need to go slower! Let the reader fall in love with the idea of them being in love with each other before they know and are, that's my opinion at least. At the same time though I prefer in a fantasy or sy-fy or dystopian book for the story to revolve more around the actual story than the romance, I'm a contradiction. =)

Reincarnations -
  • This one is just weird and wrong and gross to me most the time. So, usually you have this girl and this magical guy who is like a hundred years old or whatever and they are inexplicably drawn to each other and then come to find out she is either a reincarnation and decedent of the original girl he loved. I just hate this so much.
  • Firstly, If it's a decedent its just plain gross and wrong. Like seriously, you loved her mom or so many greats grandmother who she usually looks exactly alike and now you turn that love on her? Gross! - Admittedly in my opinion this version doesn't show up very often.
  • Now for reincarnations, it's not really so gross as just weird to me and often leads into insta-love although it masquerades as something else cause it's supposed to be like "their love surpassed all the years until she was reborn" or whatever. But it's just weird because like I don't know but to me it seems kinda like it pressures the girl and I mean just because some old version of herself loved him that doesn't mean she loves him now and the guy always seem s to come on to strong and just something about this drives me insane, I swear.
Least Favorite Books From These^ Categories -
  • Love Triangles-
    • Tiger's Curse by Colleen Houck - I hate these books so much and partly because the main character is a B**** and pretends to be with one guy because she's mad at the other and then because she thinks he needs her, and I hate it sooooooo much.
  • Insta-love -
    • Wasteland by Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan - The main character know each other for all of like three days and then they suddenly "love" each other and are basically getting married, the whole book sucked in my opinion and the insta-love was pure gross and wrong.
  • Reincarnation -
    • Descendants-
      • Strange Angels by Lili St. Crow - This is also a love triangle to but one of the guys was basically in love with the main characters mom and then was all in "love" with her and that's just weird and wrong on so many levels.
    • Reincarnation-
      • Daughter Of Smoke And Bone by Laini Taylor - I loved everything about this book except the "love" interest stuff. This book like most that I've read that have the reborn, eternal love plot takes insta-love to a whole new level plus I kinda hate the love interest anyways.
 P.S. dont get me wrong most of these books are still really good I just don't like the way the "romance" is done in them.

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