Saturday, August 31, 2013

September Update/Hiatus/The Summer I Wrote A Book Update #8

  This was going to be a September Update post, but I don't know how much blogging I'm going to be doing this month hence the Hiatus part of the title. You see it occurred to me last night that I am now closing in on the deadline I set for myself on finishing the first full draft of my book, I have 21 days and about half a book written. So I have 21 days to write half a book. Now I understand that sometimes plans change and you have to give yourself an extension or whatever, and I realize what with how long it took me to write the first half it's a bit unrealistic to think I can do the whole last half of my book in 21 days, but I shall try my hardest. If I don't at least try to get it done I will be so disappointed in myself and the way I see it if I at least do the best I can and get like half of the half done I'll be happy. Of course I'm shooting to get the whole thing done and when(not if) I do I shall reward myself with a new tattoo there by hopefully encouraging myself to get it done. I work good under pressure, right?

  So, blog wise I can't promise much because right now I need to concentrate on my book but as soon as I'm done I'll get back to blogging and I don't know maybe I'll find time to do at least a couple posts. So, I apologize but I have to concentrate on other things for now hopefully I'll be back to blogging regularly in October I really want to do my 13 posts of Halloween again, but I'm also going to be moving and even when I finish my first draft there will be more work to do on it so I just don't know. Luckily I love to procrastinate, and I tend to blog when I'm putting off working on my book so there's that. =) I might try and do daily updates on my progress with my book but I'm not sure.

Word Count - 47656
Plans For Today - 10,000
What I Might Actually Get Done Today - 4,000
I Would Like To Get My Word Count Up To 50,000 which is only 2344 so I think can, I think I can.

Song Of The Moment - Grade 8 by Ed Sheeran

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