Friday, August 16, 2013

The Summer I Wrote A Book - Update #7 - Balance and Writing Slumps

  I think it's important to balance your writing with your everything else, because if all you do is write you'll have less fun and get too stressed out, its good to make time for other things. But you still want to make time for writing. That's my lesson of the day. Moving on.
  I have been having serious issues with actually sitting down to write. With doing anything really. One thing I noticed is that even when I sat down to "try" to write I would going in thinking that I wouldn't get anything done, thinking that I was stuck and that I wouldn't get anything written, and that really affected my progress. Because if I go in thinking I'm not going to actually get anything done, I won't. I'll just sit there for an hour staring at the words on my computer screen and basically doing nothing. And then I would think "well if I can't write may as well read" and so I'd get my book out, read a chapter and then decide I didn't feel like reading, so I'd end up watching youtube videos for a couple hours telling myself multiple times "just one more and then I'll work on my book" and then by the time I stopped watching videos it would be time for diner or to do something else with my family, sidenote- recently we've been watching Falling Skies, or it would be 2am and I'd just go to bed. The point is reading/writing slumps suck, but they happen and in my experience if you try to force your self out of one it just gets worse. But yeah, after being sick for three days and then spending like a week doing nothing I decided it was time to get back to work and so I did, but instead of forcing myself I just sat down with my music blasting and just read through the last chapter I wrote all the way into the chapter I got stuck on and just relaxed and let the words flow, I wound up re-writing most of a chapter and ended up being so much happier with it and now I actually feel like continuing the story, now that that part is right. Keep in mind this after an hour of procrastinating. One thing that tends to happen to me is if I write something that I just don't like or doesn't seem right it tends to turn me off of writing until I figure out what it is that's wrong and fix it, it happens too often but I'm always happier after re-doing the thing I don't like, but if I force it too much my mind like blanks and I have no idea what to do to fix it.
  Now it may sound like I haven't planned and outlined my book enough, like that's why I keep getting stuck, but I have outlined the whole book, I haven't like micro outlined it because I like letting the story guide me as I write, which may not be the best way to do it, but again if I force myself to outline it's horrible. But I mean it's a five book series, I'm planning five that I'll write whether or not it gets published even if I end up self-publishing, and I have the over all story for every book planned out but I can't just force myself to outline something. It's weird, I'm weird, but I like to like just relax, close my eyes and let my mind wander and just imagine the story in my head and how the characters will react and what will happen if I do it this way rather than this way, I just I can't force myself to outline and if I sit down with a piece of paper in front of me all ready to get some major outlining down my mind just freezes. Most the time I'll be doing something else, driving or eating or watching a movie and stuff just randomly pops into my head and I'll be like "Yeah! that's perfect! Why didn't I think of that before!?" I don't know if anyone else is this way but for me I'm better if I kinda just like let the creative juices flow without specifically sitting down and trying to get it done.
  Also, my brother helps me allot, I think it's important to have someone to talk to that knows everything about the book and that you can just talk through the plot holes, and everything with, I guess kinda like a critic partner which is what I call my brother. But for me it helps to have someone to go to and say like "this is what I did with this character is it stupid? Should this guy die or no?", just someone to help you when your mind turns to mush and you still haven't figured out how your main character escapes from the minotaur. But I think it's important that you trust this person, and you know that they'll be honest with you and tell you when you've gone too far or when something is just plain stupid.

Ok enough of my two sense (or is it cents? I've never thought about that because I've never actually spelled it out, but I'm just gonna assume that it's not cents.)  =)

Word count(I'm not done for today but right now its)- 45949

Song Of The Moment - The Way She Feels by Between The Trees

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