Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Summer I Wrote A Book Update #12

Now I didn't get all that much done word count wise because I was rewriting some stuff and I just got rid of like most a chapter that I decided I didn't like. I still feel like I got a lot done though. =)

It's September 4th and I have 17 days until my self appointed deadline and I'm happy with my book so far and with the progress I've been making this week. =)

Yesterdays Stats-
Word Count Yesterday (Before Writing) - 60045
Word Count Yesterday (After) - 61790
Total Words Written Yesterday - While it may look like I only wrote 1745 words it was actually just over 4,000 after everything I redid.

For Today -
Word Count - 61790
Plans For Today - 6,000
What I Might Actually Get Done Today - 4,444 (I'm optimistic.)

Song Of The Moment - Happily Ever After by He Is We

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