Monday, September 23, 2013

The Summer I Wrote A Book Update #14 :The End

As you may know Saturday the 21st was the official last day of summer which was also the day I had set myself for being finished writing the first main draft of my book and (Drumroll) I finished!!! Now technically it was Sunday morning at about 2:23am but I hadn't slept yet so it still counts!

That's right I actually finished my first main draft, not like a short vague draft like the first full thing that just might need some(read: a lot) of revisions, was done by my self appointed deadline. I am so excited and slightly proud. I mean I am officially done writing my first book, revisions don't count for this, and that puts me so much closer to maybe possibly eventually being published.  Even still I do have a lot to still do with and I shall not stop working on it until it is perfect or at least really close to my vision of perfect. =)

I will still post updates on my writing once in a while, but I hope to get back to more regular posts, and when I do do these posts they'll just be called like Writing Updates because Summer is over now.

Word Count - wise -
Overall - right not with the completed first draft before revisions is - 100,610 words
Which means that in 21days, when I started trying to seriously finish it by my self appointed deadline, I wrote around - 52,954 words!
Saturday I started at - 91,881 - which means I wrote about - 8,729 words Saturday which is a personal record for me. =)

Song Of The Moment - Long Live by Taylor Swift

P.s.  Question- is it wrong if I maybe sometimes use to decide who a chapter in my book is going to be told by?

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