Wednesday, October 16, 2013

13 Posts Of Halloween (2013 Edition) #6 Short Story Part.3

Hidden In The Darkness
(A short story by S. Emory(Nobody))
Part 3

   I wake in a cold sweat sure that it had to have been a dream, a realistic and terrifying dream, but a dream non the less. I concentrate on slowing my beating heart, taking a deep breath the scents from last night, from the dream, invade my lungs once more sending shivering fingers of ice down my back. I pull my blanket back up, gripping it, my hands twisted into the fabric in a death grip as my chest contracts finding it almost impossible to pull air into my lungs once again.
Forcing my eyes open once more the room is shrouded in darkness, far darker than normal, the sun not able to break through the cracks around the window blocked as they are by dark thick fabric that I have no memory of owning let alone hanging around the windows. One whole wall of my studio flat is windows, and I've gotten used to waking up from the sun shining down relentlessly through them but not so much as a slim beam of light can make it through the cloth. I reach for the light switch flipping it frantically before accepting the fact that the power is out. Jolts of fear run through my blood like a living being.
   As my eyes adjust to the darkness I realize the wooden floors look slick like a glass of water was knocked off the table but glancing over the water glass is setting next to my cell phone and the book I'm currently half way through, right where it's supposed to be. I get the sudden urge to run but am afraid of what I'll find, on the floors and outside these walls.
   Moving carefully, the smells of the ally still invading my nostrils making me feel lightheaded once more, I slowly inch out of bed setting first one barefoot and then the other on the sticky wet floor, my stomach plummeting as I begin to realize what it is the coats the floor. Feeling sick I carefully study the rest of the small room, standing completely still barely daring to breath, feeling like I'm about to barf and/or faint at any moment. My gaze lands on the wall opposite me, the wall that should be blank and painted white and is no longer white but a deep dark shimmering red.
   I stumble backwards the back off my knees crashing into the bed and forcing me to sit back down on it. My hand lands in more sticky wetness and forcing myself to look down even though it's the last thing I want to do I see what I neglected to notice when I was cowering in bed. Blood...blood everywhere....on the floor....the walls....the bed....and now all over me, I'm drenched in blood and I'm not the one that's hurt.

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