Monday, October 28, 2013

13 Posts Of Halloween (2013 Edition) #7 Costumes Tips

  1. Blood- fake blood is always good. You're going as a princess? Great! Fake blood! You could be a zombie princess!
  2. Remember you can take any old generic costume and turn it into a zombie, you could have a Zombie princess or a zombie alien, a slutty zombie nurse, a zombie vampire?
  3. It is never funny when a guy dresses up like a girl(unless you're in to that kind of thing, I don't judge.)
  4. I know a lot of girls and women seem to think the less clothes the better and that's your prerogative but please please stop taking little kids cartoons and Disney princesses and what not and turning them slutty it's gross and disturbing. 
  5. And lastly don't forget the fake blood.
  6. Also t-shirts that say things like Generic Halloween costume totally do count!
Also dibs on Zombie Hobbits for next year!

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