Saturday, October 19, 2013

Epic Fail! (Halloween:Update)

Okay, I had already come to terms with the fact that we couldn't decorate for Halloween this year because we would be moving in the middle of the month but now it's gone too far! We're moving, like renting the truck and everything, on HALLOWEEN, What? What? Not only do I not get to decorate but now I have to spend Halloween moving!? What about my Scary Movie-Thon? Yeah, so there's that which sucks but I'm excited about moving anyways.

Update -

  • I'm about half way through the 13 posts of Halloween and most of the rest are going to be the rest of my short story but I would love some feed back about it, like do you think it sucks? Do you like the way I'm posting it in instalments? Does it suck?
    • So, I'm going to try real hard to finish the story (I'm kinda writing it as I post it which probably isn't the best way to do it) and all 13 posts but I'm moving and everything so I'm not positive that I will have enough time.
  • I still want to do a Halloween Giveaway but I don't know if I can because no one has commented yet. So, if you want a Halloween themed giveaway comment on this post about anything, what you'd like the prizes to be, or what you think of my short story thing or how much it sucks to be moving on Halloween or anything really and if I get enough or any comments I will do a giveaway!
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