Friday, November 29, 2013

200th Post!!!! And Thanksgiving! And NaNo?

Firstly -

Secondly - I couldn't come up with an awesome 200th post so I apologize for the lameness of this post, though by now you should be used to it. =)

Thirdly - A Tale Of Thanksgiving Madness
Backstory - My family, consisting of my mom, my two brothers and me, used to always have Thanksgiving at my grandma's, but she passed away a couple years ago and we started going out for Thanksgiving diner because it was always such a big deal to my Grandma and we didn't want to do it for real without her, last year was the first year we did it at home again and this was to be the second year.
Now we've moved into a new house that we're renting and we haven't even been here a month and so far one of the toilets has started leaking and almost flooded the bathroom and the heater went out and of course today, on Thanksgiving, is the day the oven decided to stop working! All week it's been fine, it was fine this morning when we first put the turkey in and then about three quarters of the way through cooking the turkey my brother pulls it out to bast it or whatever and found out that the oven is cold! So, what did we do you ask? Well we finished cooking it in the microwave of course! I am completely serious, apparently it works. Before my mom got married and had kids and everything she would cook full little turkeys and hams in the microwave at her job for the Christmas party and everything. Luckily the oven would work on broil so we were able to make all the sides. But it was an adventure to say the least.
So, how was your Thanksgiving? Hopefully nice and oven cooked? Or deep fried? (we deep fried it one year and then my brother broke the deep frier. =) )

Lastly!- At 2:00 A.M on the 29th I won NaNoWriMo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More on this latter. =)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Update #5 -AKA Post #199!

It's Day 27 of NaNoWriMo (also the day before Thanksgiving!) and the word count goal is 45,000 and yours' truly is at 44,503! I caught up last night and am not even 500 words behind today! I must say I am happy with myself and for the first time I really feel like I am going to win, I just KNOW, you know?
 I don't know about you right now with us getting close to the end of the month and getting real close to 50,000 words I'm like really pumped up and ready to sit down and finish those words! I am hoping to win today or tomorrow and then write extra until the 30th or until I finish my book because I'm almost positive that I can't finish in just 5,497 words, there will be more and i want to come as close to actually completing the first draft as possible. =) So, how you doing? (How do you make a winky face?) ; )?

Song Of The Moment - Let It Go by Demi Lovato 

P.S. as of yet I have no idea about what this epic 200th post is going to be about, any ideas? And does it count is I post something that says like 200th post coming soon and then finish it later?

P.S.S. I'm doing a giveaway! Click Here for more information and/or enter below! To make the giveaway more NaN0Wri-me(?) let's say it's to celebrate the last week of NaNoWriMo! (I have come up with many reasons for this giveaway, did you notice?)

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Monday, November 25, 2013

NaNoWriMo 2013 Update #4 - A Playlist and Giveaway (closed)

This is some of the songs I like to listen to while writing for all different kinds of scenes and just some fun random songs, I hope you enjoy it!

Todays Word Count Is 4,1666 words, and I am at 37,372 words, I am still behind but I shall win! Hopefully! This is the last week! My train of thought goes -Write, must write, eat, must eat, write must write, sleep? I should sleep? What are you talking about it's the last week of NaNoWriMo are you insane!? I can't sleep, my character is in mortal peril, how can I sleep!? -That might actually be what I mutter incoherently when someone tries to talk to me. =) How are you? Are you behind, on track, finished already!? If you're that last one I am extremely jelly (which apparently means jealous, according to my brother, who knew?" My story for one is just reaching the really good fast paced part leading up to the climax and eventual end and I love it! What about you, do you still feel excited about you're book, DO YOU LOVE IT!!!??? I REALLY want to know!!

P.S. I might have been delirious from sleep deprivation when I wrote this post.
P.S.S. I'm doing a giveaway! Click Here for more information and/or enter below! To make the giveaway more NaN0Wri-me(?) let's say it's to celebrate getting over the hump of week 2! (I have come up with many reasons for this giveaway, did you notice?)

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Changes! Giveaway! (closed)

I have officially decided on a new name and bought a Domain Name!!!! I will be changing the name and everything after the 1st and I will announce the new name in my 200th post! (which this is post #197!). In the meantime you may have noticed that I already changed the look of the blog (again) to go along with the changing everything kick that I am on.
And don't forget there is still a GIVEAWAY going on! Click here for details and/or enter below!

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Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think of the new look and/or about the whole name change thing! =)

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Update: New Names!

I have recently become unhappy with the name of this blog and so in next couple weeks at sometime I will be changing it along with the web address to something new that I haven't decided on yet, I'm going to actually buy a Domain name instead of using the whole .Blogspot.Com thing. So, if you have any suggestions please comment, I am trying to decide on something that maybe still has Nobody in the name but that more accurately describes this blog and I have no idea what it will be yet. So, yeah. =)
Here are a few ideas I've had -
  1. Nobodies and Fangirls Alike 
  2. Fangirls and Nobodies Alike
  3. Fangirls, Nobodies and Book Nerds
  4. Fangirls, Booknerds and Nobodies, Oh my
  5. The Story Of A Nobody
  6. The Story Of A Fangirl
  7. The Story Of A Aspiring Writer Named Nobody
  8. The Story Of
  9. The Story Goes

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NaNoWriMo (2013) Update 3 - Change Of Pace

I was totally stuck earlier just staring blankly at my computer screen knowing I needed to write but having absolutely no idea what to write. I knew where the story was going, what was going to happen in this chapter, how it would lead into the next, but I had no idea how to get it there. Then I remembered this advice I read on one of my favorite authors blog (I can't remember whose but I think it was Marissa Meyer) anyways, it was about how when you get stuck you should take a blank piece of paper and write down every single idea that you can think of to get the story where it needs to go, from probable to completely crazy and humorous, and just keep going until you find something that will work and you get inspired once more, and I've actually used this method a couple of times and so I thought, why not? But a strange thing happened, I got it all set up on a piece of paper wrote down point A and point B and was all ready to jot down ever random idea that came to mind to get from point A to B and instead I wound up writing the whole chapter without any brain storming, it's like the second my pen touched the paper it knew what to write before my brain could catch up and honestly I think it's some of my best and most descriptive writing ever, which probably isn't saying much mind you, but still. It's like all I needed was to get a way from the computer screen and put pen to paper, literally.
   My question is, has this ever happened to you? You'll be completely stuck and then just by moving to a different way of writing or a different place to write you write it like it's the most easy and natural thing in the world, without even realizing you're doing it? Like just by trying to do something else it opens your mind and right away subconsciously you know what to do in this scene, and you write it in ten minutes after having sat in front of the computer stumped for an hour?

  The word count goal for today is 21,666 words and I'm at about 17,000 (I've been catching up on Vampire Diaries and I mean that shits addicting!) but I am slowly catching up and it's early still I have many hours of writing ahead of me for today. What's your word count like, are you ahead or behind? Let me know in the comments. =)

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Monday, November 11, 2013

NaNoWriMo(2013) Update #2- Battle Cries

   Okay,First of all  in an unlikely plot twist after only about 100 words of Book 2 and decided to go back to War Of Queens after I had an epiphany and figured out how to do the story the way I wanted it to be done and after deleting about 500 words I fixed it, and I really love how it's going so far even if it's not perfect, cause what first draft is perfect? None I tell you NONE! But I'm still really into my story and having a lot of fun with it except I haven't found allot of time to actually work on it! NOOOOOOOOOO! But still I have faith that I can catch up, and I shall succeed! In other news I'm still waiting for my character to do something surprising, and for the book to take a twist I never saw coming, which is always loads of fun, right? So, hopefully that will happen soon, if ever. =)
 The word count goal today is 18,333 and I'm currently at about 13,597 but I still have a good couple hours of writing in me, considering I've only done about 30 minutes today and hopefully I can get another couple hundred if not a thousand or two words done before I go to sleep, that's right keeping optimistic over here.

   Now about Battle Cries, you know the things your main character shouts while charging valiantly into battle? Well does WAFFELS! sound like a good one? I mean in Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian (if I remember correctly) Tyson shouts Penutbutter! So, I think that when used in the right context at the right time anything can be used as a good battle cry, whether for comic relief, seriousness, revenge in a very touching makes you want to cry way or in Oh yeah! Kill them bi*ches way, as long it's at the right moment with the right character, in a way that makes sense I think anything will work. Unfourentaly I don't have a huge battle scene or a character that I see realistically shouting "Waffels!" while charging into battle, maybe "Pancakes!" though, but still that would be in a later sequel that my character is urging me to consider writing eventually. =)

In closing - Write lots and Prosper.

Song Of The Moment - Waiting For Superman by Daughtry 

P.S. Oh yeah, I went there.

P.S.S I shall be updating the description of my book on the NaNoWriMo site, finally, if you care to know more about it - - and feel free to add me as a buddy. =)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

13 Posts Of Halloween (2013 Edition) #13 Short Story Part. The Last

Hidden In The Darkness
(A short story by S. Emory(Nobody))
Part The Last

   My nightmares and my reality are getting harder and harder to tell apart, and I know that the only thing keeping me sane is Zeke and I feel guilty every time I think about it so I force it back out of my mind, banishing it to the abyss where my sanity is slowly migrating.
I find myself in a meadow of darkness, the flowers at my feet made of blood, the moon turned dark hidden behind the fog. And the smell like death and roses, sickly sweet fills my nostrils and over flowing into my mouth and covering it so every breath, in and out, it's all I know.
Everything is shrouded in darkness but I can hear the rain as it falls and see the sky covered in the dark red fog as it grows closer and closer to me.
I hear the howls of the wolf like creatures, see the shadow of the demented knight and unicorn, see in my mind the blood falling over and over again where ever I go. I hear the sounds of a knife being pulled across the stone of an alley wall and imagine the figure, looming over me, blood dripping from it's mouth, not a vampire but something worse as the knife stretches out aiming for my throat. And then nothing.
The meadow falls silent, the shadows of my nightmares disappearing to be replaced by one lonely figure....a man dressed all in black flowing robes, his eyes shining unnaturally green, silted like snake eyes and as he gets closer I realize that's what he is...a snake. He transforms slowly in front of me, his body elongating and falling to the ground as a large snake blacker than the night and I can barely see him anymore but I feel him as he coils himself around my leg and slowly raises himself up my body, sending a shiver of ice and disgust up my spine. He loops himself around my arm and reaches his head out until I can feel his snake tongue running along the side of my neck and then the pain of the bite as I fall to the ground, the burn of the venom deposited directly into my blood stream and then nothing once more.
  Through the darkness and the falling blood I see a shape made of pure light, as the shape comes closer I recognize it for what it 
    As the shape reaches it's hand out towards me fear sends blades of ice running down my back as I realize it's not me, but someone who looks just like me. It's her, all along it's been her. I've been assuming that it was the same thing that killed her if it really was some malevolent force, when really it wasn't her killer but her. Zeke was right, she's dead and I think I've known it since I first woke up in the hospital, she died that night, and I've been in denial and she's been haunting me. All these thoughts flash through my head at the speed of light, and I'm left feeling breathless and alone as the eerie figure grows closer and closer and my mind tries to come up with plausible explanations but it's all I can do just to keep breathing.
My twin is dead, and she is haunting me? Why? Because she died, and I didn't? Because she blames me? Because I've been acting as if I died along with her? Because she's angry? Because it's not really her anymore?
  I find myself hoping more than anything that its the last one, that death changed her, that this...apparition isn't actually my sister anymore. But it never once crosses my mind that this isn't real, because I know it is.
She stays there, right in front of me and slowly the light disappears until she looks normal but pale with dark circles under her eyes, and hatred fills them. A knife appears in her hand, and she lunges towards me, I close my eyes sure that I am about to die at the hands of my dead twin sister...and...I...feel....nothing.
Cautiously I open my eyes once more but I don't see her anymore. 
 Before the sigh of relief that is forming can be released I feel...A breath on the back of my neck and I whip around to see her standing there with the knife still clasped in her hand, she slowly opens her fist letting the knife fall but it disappears before it can hit the ground, and it's then that I realize she can't hurt me, not really, but I almost wish she could.
The ghost of my sister reaches under her shirt to pull out a chain and the action is so familiar that if not for the paleness of her face and the hate in her eyes there would be nothing to convince me that she wasn't alive. A locket dangles off the chain from her fist and I realize what this is all about, what could make the person who means the most to me do this, cause me this pain, this fear, even if they are dead.....”Zeke” I say it as a whisper and she nods before disappearing, the hate making her eyes burn red.
And I remember the way he used to look at her, the way he tucked that rose behind her ear that day and the way we've been spending more time together and how the way he looks at me has changed recently, not to the same look he used to give her but to one more intimate, more loving. And a part of me can't blame her for doing this to me even as I know that she'll never stop and even as I remember how she was the only person that knows and loves me enough to hurt me this way.
So here's the truth as I see it – the only person who has ever cared about me is dead and a killer and both those things are my fault, I couldn't save her and then I betrayed her and she will never stop, she'll always be out there hidden in the darkness.
Only two questions remain, What happened to her? And how far will she go to destroy me?

Part 1 Here!
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13 Posts Of Halloween (2013 Edition) #12 Short Story Part, 6

Hidden In The Darkness
(A short story by S. Emory(Nobody))
Part 6

    After Zeke busted into my flat to find me kneeling on the bathroom floor my hands covered in blood from when I decided the best course of action was to punch the mirror and shatter it into millions of tiny pieces, and after he got me cleaned and bandaged, set me down on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket like I'm a little kid and then proceeded to clean up the mess I made, he sits down across from me an expectant and patient look on his face.
“So, how's the weather?” I ask meekly.
He just stares at me until I'm forced to lower my gaze to the floor and stare at his shoes. “What's going on with you?” He asks in a voice that suggests he's barely controlling his anger and maybe even that he's worried about me. “You haven't answered the phone or any of my texts in a week, I have to find out from Detective Richardson this morning when he called to tell me you haven't replied to any of his calls that they closed your sisters case, and according to your neighbor you haven't left your flat in over a week!? And now I come over here to find you kneeling on the floor of the bathroom bleeding from what I can only assume was you punching the mirror and screaming like you were being stabbed to death?” He says this all in a calm voice, the kind that you can tell the person is pissed, and he asks it like a question. “I'm worried about you, what's going on?” He asks in a small, sad voice.
I shrug uncomfortable. “You wont believe me.” I whisper to where he has to lean forward to hear me.
“Please, just talk to me?” He replies, whispering now.
“Fine.” I say unreasonably angry all of a sudden. “All I can remember of the last few days is waking up in a dark alley the other night surrounded by dark creatures where the sky started bleeding. I woke up covered in blood and then I keep missing chunks of time, I keep waking up to find myself staring out the window where blood continues to fall from the sky like rain or just standing still for hours staring at a blank canvas and the next time I blink there's some new terror waiting for me!” I say starting out angry and winding up feeling lost and defeated as I watch him grow more and more concerned but I can tell it's because he's come to the realization that I am crazy and suddenly I know that's not the case that everything that's been happening is somehow real.
“Um..” He starts his mouth forming a perfect O of surprise. We sit in silence for what feels like hours before I finally stand up discarding the blanket and walk to the door.
“Can you just leave?” I ask calmly. “Please?” I add when he hesitates.
He stands slowly looking torn between trying to comfort me in some way and doing what I'm asking of him. 
“Look..” He starts before cutting himself off, realizing he has nothing to say. He looks over my shoulder out the door and his eyes get wide his mouth back to forming the O shape of shock. Barely daring to breath I slowly turn to look at the hallway outside the door to see what has caused the fear that now spreads across his face.
Pushing him backwards I slam the door and throw the locks before collapsing to the floor and leaning back against it, while I imagine whats happening on the other side where a demented knight in full armor rides a dead unicorn straight towards my door his sword outstretched and dripping blood, while yet more blood pours forth from the walls, and bright light surrounds him.
Just when I've convinced myself that I was hallucinating I hear a scream from outside and then a thump as the tip of a unicorn horn is embedded just over my shoulder, in the door while blood drips from it.
The following week things stay the same with one difference Zeke is now there for everything and he now believes that everything is real and I'm just happy to not have to go through it alone. He forces me to leave my flat and go outside and nothing happens, the nightmares have faded away from the day only to return worse and worse every night. Zeke has taken to sleeping on my couch though neither of us gets much sleep with the walls bleeding and every other nightmare just waiting for us in the dark of night.
Zeke talked to a specialist dealing in the supernatural who said we must have pissed off a spirit of some kind and that the reason for everything to be accelerating the way it is is because of winter solstice and that once it passes things should calm down, unfortunately she wouldn't be able to get out here until after solstice has passed. So, Zeke decided to go to a physic and all the way there demented hell hounds followed us as blood seeped up from the ground for once instead of the sky. I held on tight to Zeke's hand and struggled to remember to breath and to not look back, focusing instead of the feeling of Zeke standing next to me.
When we get to the house it's dark and mysterious, likely on purpose to try and make it look more authentic though it makes me feel more like the physic is a phony than anything.
The women that answers the door looks fairly normal, tall and beautiful with light clear blue eyes, long white hair piled in a messy bun on top of her head, dressed in jeans and a plain black t-shirt. She beckons us inside to a room covered in flowing purple and black clothe, on the walls and roof, covering the windows. A small round table sits in the middle, while shelves along the walls hold all kinds of spices and what looks like potions, incense burns causing a smoky fog to hang over the room and make it smell like rosemary and lemons.
She tells us that we are being haunted by a vengeful spirit and that there is nothing that can be done about this kind, that it's too powerful and that for the time being we just have to let it be. That it might eventually grow tired of us and leave, but that it won't stop until it has completed it's purpose. She told us how this kind of spirit has no physical power, it's all mental, that as long as we are strong it can't hurt us, not really. She said that whoever it is has a personal link to us and feels we have done them wrong. She says all this and I sit there staring off it to space, her voice and Zeke's hand in mine the only thing keeping stable, keeping me there, as all I see is blood.

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P.S. Okay I suck but I have officially finished the story and the last part will be posted in an hour or so to space it out. Please let me know what you think of it and read the whole thing. =)

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

NaNoWriMo (2013) Update 1

First of all, I was actually still moving on the 1st and 2nd, then there was a lot of unpacking and stuff to be done so I started a few days late with NaNoWriMo and then I haven't had a ton of time to write but I shall not give up! I will prosper and I will WIN! (That's the right kinda of attitude for this, right?)
  Anywho I am currently at about 6,000 words and the goal for today is 10,000 so I'm not too far behind and within the next few days I am hoping to catch up and maybe even get a little farther ahead.
  Secondly, I am having some story ADD at the moment I didn't like the way the War Of Queens was turning out even though I only wrote like 2,000 words of it and I decided that I need to work on plotting out that idea a little more before actually writing it and I just didn't FEEL it anymore, I still love the idea and will hopefully write it one day just not today. Then I started on a cotemporary which I haven't totally given up on but again after about 1,500 words I didn't feel like continuing it right now and I don't want to spend all NaNoWriMo trying to write a book that I no longer feel like writing. So, currently I am working on book 2 to my Dragon book series thing so it's the sequel to the book I wrote early this year and I will probably keep with this one unless I randomly decide in the next couple of hours that I would rather do one of the other two ideas.
  I know that it's a little late to be changing around which story I am writing but hey you gotta do what you gotta do and it's not really too late until like week one is over, right? Anyone else having the same problems as me with deciding after the first couple days that you would rather write something else?

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Friday, November 1, 2013

November Update

Firstly, I apologize for the way 13 Posts Of Halloween went down this year, with the whole posting half of the 13 posts within the last three days of October. =)

  • I have officially moved! Which hopefully means that I will infact be back on track with posts this month. =)
  • The big thing for this month is I'm doing NaNoWriMo! I have this semi-new idea that I'm going to be working on for it. This is my first year doing this and while I definitely want to win I'm also going to be concentrating pretty hard on the revisions to my first book. So, I will be doing semi-regular update posts on that and if your participating feel free to comment here or add me on the Nanowrimo website my username is Nobody53
    • For the sake of non confusion when referring to my books in posts I am giving them at least temporary names, the new one that I will be working on for Nanowrimo is War Of Queens and the one I wrote with my summer I wrote a book posts, the one I will be revising over the next few months is just going to go by Dragon Book, sound good?
  • Mainly I'm just going to try to get back to normal postings and whatnot this month, so yeah. =)
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