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13 Posts Of Halloween (2013 Edition) #12 Short Story Part, 6

Hidden In The Darkness
(A short story by S. Emory(Nobody))
Part 6

    After Zeke busted into my flat to find me kneeling on the bathroom floor my hands covered in blood from when I decided the best course of action was to punch the mirror and shatter it into millions of tiny pieces, and after he got me cleaned and bandaged, set me down on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a blanket like I'm a little kid and then proceeded to clean up the mess I made, he sits down across from me an expectant and patient look on his face.
“So, how's the weather?” I ask meekly.
He just stares at me until I'm forced to lower my gaze to the floor and stare at his shoes. “What's going on with you?” He asks in a voice that suggests he's barely controlling his anger and maybe even that he's worried about me. “You haven't answered the phone or any of my texts in a week, I have to find out from Detective Richardson this morning when he called to tell me you haven't replied to any of his calls that they closed your sisters case, and according to your neighbor you haven't left your flat in over a week!? And now I come over here to find you kneeling on the floor of the bathroom bleeding from what I can only assume was you punching the mirror and screaming like you were being stabbed to death?” He says this all in a calm voice, the kind that you can tell the person is pissed, and he asks it like a question. “I'm worried about you, what's going on?” He asks in a small, sad voice.
I shrug uncomfortable. “You wont believe me.” I whisper to where he has to lean forward to hear me.
“Please, just talk to me?” He replies, whispering now.
“Fine.” I say unreasonably angry all of a sudden. “All I can remember of the last few days is waking up in a dark alley the other night surrounded by dark creatures where the sky started bleeding. I woke up covered in blood and then I keep missing chunks of time, I keep waking up to find myself staring out the window where blood continues to fall from the sky like rain or just standing still for hours staring at a blank canvas and the next time I blink there's some new terror waiting for me!” I say starting out angry and winding up feeling lost and defeated as I watch him grow more and more concerned but I can tell it's because he's come to the realization that I am crazy and suddenly I know that's not the case that everything that's been happening is somehow real.
“Um..” He starts his mouth forming a perfect O of surprise. We sit in silence for what feels like hours before I finally stand up discarding the blanket and walk to the door.
“Can you just leave?” I ask calmly. “Please?” I add when he hesitates.
He stands slowly looking torn between trying to comfort me in some way and doing what I'm asking of him. 
“Look..” He starts before cutting himself off, realizing he has nothing to say. He looks over my shoulder out the door and his eyes get wide his mouth back to forming the O shape of shock. Barely daring to breath I slowly turn to look at the hallway outside the door to see what has caused the fear that now spreads across his face.
Pushing him backwards I slam the door and throw the locks before collapsing to the floor and leaning back against it, while I imagine whats happening on the other side where a demented knight in full armor rides a dead unicorn straight towards my door his sword outstretched and dripping blood, while yet more blood pours forth from the walls, and bright light surrounds him.
Just when I've convinced myself that I was hallucinating I hear a scream from outside and then a thump as the tip of a unicorn horn is embedded just over my shoulder, in the door while blood drips from it.
The following week things stay the same with one difference Zeke is now there for everything and he now believes that everything is real and I'm just happy to not have to go through it alone. He forces me to leave my flat and go outside and nothing happens, the nightmares have faded away from the day only to return worse and worse every night. Zeke has taken to sleeping on my couch though neither of us gets much sleep with the walls bleeding and every other nightmare just waiting for us in the dark of night.
Zeke talked to a specialist dealing in the supernatural who said we must have pissed off a spirit of some kind and that the reason for everything to be accelerating the way it is is because of winter solstice and that once it passes things should calm down, unfortunately she wouldn't be able to get out here until after solstice has passed. So, Zeke decided to go to a physic and all the way there demented hell hounds followed us as blood seeped up from the ground for once instead of the sky. I held on tight to Zeke's hand and struggled to remember to breath and to not look back, focusing instead of the feeling of Zeke standing next to me.
When we get to the house it's dark and mysterious, likely on purpose to try and make it look more authentic though it makes me feel more like the physic is a phony than anything.
The women that answers the door looks fairly normal, tall and beautiful with light clear blue eyes, long white hair piled in a messy bun on top of her head, dressed in jeans and a plain black t-shirt. She beckons us inside to a room covered in flowing purple and black clothe, on the walls and roof, covering the windows. A small round table sits in the middle, while shelves along the walls hold all kinds of spices and what looks like potions, incense burns causing a smoky fog to hang over the room and make it smell like rosemary and lemons.
She tells us that we are being haunted by a vengeful spirit and that there is nothing that can be done about this kind, that it's too powerful and that for the time being we just have to let it be. That it might eventually grow tired of us and leave, but that it won't stop until it has completed it's purpose. She told us how this kind of spirit has no physical power, it's all mental, that as long as we are strong it can't hurt us, not really. She said that whoever it is has a personal link to us and feels we have done them wrong. She says all this and I sit there staring off it to space, her voice and Zeke's hand in mine the only thing keeping stable, keeping me there, as all I see is blood.

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P.S. Okay I suck but I have officially finished the story and the last part will be posted in an hour or so to space it out. Please let me know what you think of it and read the whole thing. =)

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