Saturday, November 9, 2013

13 Posts Of Halloween (2013 Edition) #13 Short Story Part. The Last

Hidden In The Darkness
(A short story by S. Emory(Nobody))
Part The Last

   My nightmares and my reality are getting harder and harder to tell apart, and I know that the only thing keeping me sane is Zeke and I feel guilty every time I think about it so I force it back out of my mind, banishing it to the abyss where my sanity is slowly migrating.
I find myself in a meadow of darkness, the flowers at my feet made of blood, the moon turned dark hidden behind the fog. And the smell like death and roses, sickly sweet fills my nostrils and over flowing into my mouth and covering it so every breath, in and out, it's all I know.
Everything is shrouded in darkness but I can hear the rain as it falls and see the sky covered in the dark red fog as it grows closer and closer to me.
I hear the howls of the wolf like creatures, see the shadow of the demented knight and unicorn, see in my mind the blood falling over and over again where ever I go. I hear the sounds of a knife being pulled across the stone of an alley wall and imagine the figure, looming over me, blood dripping from it's mouth, not a vampire but something worse as the knife stretches out aiming for my throat. And then nothing.
The meadow falls silent, the shadows of my nightmares disappearing to be replaced by one lonely figure....a man dressed all in black flowing robes, his eyes shining unnaturally green, silted like snake eyes and as he gets closer I realize that's what he is...a snake. He transforms slowly in front of me, his body elongating and falling to the ground as a large snake blacker than the night and I can barely see him anymore but I feel him as he coils himself around my leg and slowly raises himself up my body, sending a shiver of ice and disgust up my spine. He loops himself around my arm and reaches his head out until I can feel his snake tongue running along the side of my neck and then the pain of the bite as I fall to the ground, the burn of the venom deposited directly into my blood stream and then nothing once more.
  Through the darkness and the falling blood I see a shape made of pure light, as the shape comes closer I recognize it for what it 
    As the shape reaches it's hand out towards me fear sends blades of ice running down my back as I realize it's not me, but someone who looks just like me. It's her, all along it's been her. I've been assuming that it was the same thing that killed her if it really was some malevolent force, when really it wasn't her killer but her. Zeke was right, she's dead and I think I've known it since I first woke up in the hospital, she died that night, and I've been in denial and she's been haunting me. All these thoughts flash through my head at the speed of light, and I'm left feeling breathless and alone as the eerie figure grows closer and closer and my mind tries to come up with plausible explanations but it's all I can do just to keep breathing.
My twin is dead, and she is haunting me? Why? Because she died, and I didn't? Because she blames me? Because I've been acting as if I died along with her? Because she's angry? Because it's not really her anymore?
  I find myself hoping more than anything that its the last one, that death changed her, that this...apparition isn't actually my sister anymore. But it never once crosses my mind that this isn't real, because I know it is.
She stays there, right in front of me and slowly the light disappears until she looks normal but pale with dark circles under her eyes, and hatred fills them. A knife appears in her hand, and she lunges towards me, I close my eyes sure that I am about to die at the hands of my dead twin sister...and...I...feel....nothing.
Cautiously I open my eyes once more but I don't see her anymore. 
 Before the sigh of relief that is forming can be released I feel...A breath on the back of my neck and I whip around to see her standing there with the knife still clasped in her hand, she slowly opens her fist letting the knife fall but it disappears before it can hit the ground, and it's then that I realize she can't hurt me, not really, but I almost wish she could.
The ghost of my sister reaches under her shirt to pull out a chain and the action is so familiar that if not for the paleness of her face and the hate in her eyes there would be nothing to convince me that she wasn't alive. A locket dangles off the chain from her fist and I realize what this is all about, what could make the person who means the most to me do this, cause me this pain, this fear, even if they are dead.....”Zeke” I say it as a whisper and she nods before disappearing, the hate making her eyes burn red.
And I remember the way he used to look at her, the way he tucked that rose behind her ear that day and the way we've been spending more time together and how the way he looks at me has changed recently, not to the same look he used to give her but to one more intimate, more loving. And a part of me can't blame her for doing this to me even as I know that she'll never stop and even as I remember how she was the only person that knows and loves me enough to hurt me this way.
So here's the truth as I see it – the only person who has ever cared about me is dead and a killer and both those things are my fault, I couldn't save her and then I betrayed her and she will never stop, she'll always be out there hidden in the darkness.
Only two questions remain, What happened to her? And how far will she go to destroy me?

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