Friday, November 29, 2013

200th Post!!!! And Thanksgiving! And NaNo?

Firstly -

Secondly - I couldn't come up with an awesome 200th post so I apologize for the lameness of this post, though by now you should be used to it. =)

Thirdly - A Tale Of Thanksgiving Madness
Backstory - My family, consisting of my mom, my two brothers and me, used to always have Thanksgiving at my grandma's, but she passed away a couple years ago and we started going out for Thanksgiving diner because it was always such a big deal to my Grandma and we didn't want to do it for real without her, last year was the first year we did it at home again and this was to be the second year.
Now we've moved into a new house that we're renting and we haven't even been here a month and so far one of the toilets has started leaking and almost flooded the bathroom and the heater went out and of course today, on Thanksgiving, is the day the oven decided to stop working! All week it's been fine, it was fine this morning when we first put the turkey in and then about three quarters of the way through cooking the turkey my brother pulls it out to bast it or whatever and found out that the oven is cold! So, what did we do you ask? Well we finished cooking it in the microwave of course! I am completely serious, apparently it works. Before my mom got married and had kids and everything she would cook full little turkeys and hams in the microwave at her job for the Christmas party and everything. Luckily the oven would work on broil so we were able to make all the sides. But it was an adventure to say the least.
So, how was your Thanksgiving? Hopefully nice and oven cooked? Or deep fried? (we deep fried it one year and then my brother broke the deep frier. =) )

Lastly!- At 2:00 A.M on the 29th I won NaNoWriMo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More on this latter. =)

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