Monday, November 11, 2013

NaNoWriMo(2013) Update #2- Battle Cries

   Okay,First of all  in an unlikely plot twist after only about 100 words of Book 2 and decided to go back to War Of Queens after I had an epiphany and figured out how to do the story the way I wanted it to be done and after deleting about 500 words I fixed it, and I really love how it's going so far even if it's not perfect, cause what first draft is perfect? None I tell you NONE! But I'm still really into my story and having a lot of fun with it except I haven't found allot of time to actually work on it! NOOOOOOOOOO! But still I have faith that I can catch up, and I shall succeed! In other news I'm still waiting for my character to do something surprising, and for the book to take a twist I never saw coming, which is always loads of fun, right? So, hopefully that will happen soon, if ever. =)
 The word count goal today is 18,333 and I'm currently at about 13,597 but I still have a good couple hours of writing in me, considering I've only done about 30 minutes today and hopefully I can get another couple hundred if not a thousand or two words done before I go to sleep, that's right keeping optimistic over here.

   Now about Battle Cries, you know the things your main character shouts while charging valiantly into battle? Well does WAFFELS! sound like a good one? I mean in Percy Jackson and The Last Olympian (if I remember correctly) Tyson shouts Penutbutter! So, I think that when used in the right context at the right time anything can be used as a good battle cry, whether for comic relief, seriousness, revenge in a very touching makes you want to cry way or in Oh yeah! Kill them bi*ches way, as long it's at the right moment with the right character, in a way that makes sense I think anything will work. Unfourentaly I don't have a huge battle scene or a character that I see realistically shouting "Waffels!" while charging into battle, maybe "Pancakes!" though, but still that would be in a later sequel that my character is urging me to consider writing eventually. =)

In closing - Write lots and Prosper.

Song Of The Moment - Waiting For Superman by Daughtry 

P.S. Oh yeah, I went there.

P.S.S I shall be updating the description of my book on the NaNoWriMo site, finally, if you care to know more about it - - and feel free to add me as a buddy. =)

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