Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cliches In Female Characters In YA Books

A good old-fashioned rant!!

I love a good kick-ass female main character, but one thing I've noticed that happens a lot and that I absolutely hate is when the character inevitably falls in love and then just stands back and let's the guy do all the work, WTF? Why does the girl always have to turn in to a blubbering, whiny, idiot when she falls for the guy? Why? Can't she still be a bad-ass even when the guy starts ignoring her because he's a jerk? Why does what the guy does always affect the girl so much, when the guy just buries his feelings and ignores her? Why can't she do the same thing?

Also, when it's a love triangle and the girl is with the sweet one because she doesn't want to "hurt" him instead of with the one she loves. Also, why is it never the sweet one that she ends up with? Am I the only person who actually likes the sweet guys instead of the "bad boy"? For once I want the kick-ass girl to, heaven for bid, NOT fall for the prick of a "bad boy" who needs to be slapped a few times and ignored for the rest of his life until he stops being a jerk even if he did have a tortured life! Just me, then?

Now not all books are like this but quite a few are, in my experience, and it is so frustrating! The main books that come to mind that these things happen in is Maximum Ride and Tigers Curse, in Tigers Curse I swear to god every five pages in book three the girl is crying over something again, and again, and she picks the sweet guy over the jerk even though she doesn't love him and then proceeds to cry more!(I haven't read the last one and don't plan to so I don't know if this continues or not.) Then in Maximum Ride she just becomes a weakling and does nothing to stop the end of the world even though she's been working toward that goal for the whole series, the guy is okay but everything about the last book is horrible and deserves to burn in hell.

My goal in life as a writer, besides getting books published, is to write a YA book that has romance without a love triangle or insta-love, with a kick-ass girl who never falters in being kick-ass and who just scoffs at the "bad boy" while he pines after her(and do this in every book I write, actually, maybe without the "bad boy" part). (the book I just wrote, with my whole Summer I wrote a book thing is more middle grade with no romance so it doesn't really meet the requirements. My NaNoWriMo 2013 is more YA and so I guess it technically almost counts but there is no "bad boy".)

Song Of The Moment - Warrior by Beth Crowley 

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