Monday, December 23, 2013

Five Tips To Making The Best Holiday Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!!!

 Merry The Day Before The Day Before Christmas!!!! And Happy whichever Holiday you may celebrate and if you celebrate none Happy December 23! (I think I covered all my bases, right?)


First of all I am sincerely sorry for the whole haven't posted in forever thing and so I thought to start off this post why not a short list of excuses? Okay then.
  1. I've been busy writing and revising! - That's a lie, I have been procrastinating a lot though!
  2. I've been sick? That was true for the first week of December when I had what turned out not to be food poisoning when it came back two days later as stomach flu.
  3. Everything that follows is a lie.
  4. I've been busy.
  5. I was away at sea.
  6. I was Christmas shopping all month long?
  7. I was baking - which is only true of the last week or so because the oven was dead.
  8. I've been dressing up in a Green Hood with a bow and arrow and hunting down people who have Failed My City every night for the past three months.
Next! Five Tips To Making The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!! In all honesty I got half of them from some site on the Internet. These make the cookies chewy rather than hard which is especially best for when you're making sugar free cookies. 
  1. Butter or Shortening? - You know how it tends to alternate whether the recipe calls for butter OR shortening? Use both!!
  2. Melt the butter!!! Instead of just softening it.
  3. Add an extra egg yolk.
  4. Take the cookies out of the oven a few minutes before they are completely cooked, just like two or three minutes, you want to make sure that they are mostly cooked and then let them cool for like ten minutes on the hot baking sheet.
  5. Make while dancing around the kitchen to Christmas music (or your music of choice).

I tried to post these pictures to my twitter the other day but my Internet was being moody and just didn't want me to, you know?
Also why is it that if a seventeen year old girl wears reindeer antlers a week before Christmas out Christmas shopping, said seventeen year old among all of the compliments, obviously, also gets a ton of weird looks? I mean it would be weird if it was the middle of June but come on it's all most Christmas, where's your Holiday cheer?

Song Of The Moment - Do You Want To Build A Snowman - From the Frozen Soundtrack

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