Thursday, December 5, 2013

X-Mas - Favorite Things About December

  1. My Favorite thing about December, besides snow, is Decorating for Christmas! This year we've moved into a real house so we can decorate a lot more, and we did about half on black Friday and finished everything else throughout the weekend, except the tree still only has lights!!! My brothers have been working and then yesterday one of my brothers, and I had food poisoning and we're sick all day so we haven't had time!! It's a tragedy, really!!!
  2. SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! Speaking of snow we've had a bit of a blizzard today so I'm happy!
  3. Presents!!! This is not me be shallow while I do love getting presents,, my favorite thing is buying presents, picking out gifts and then wrapping them, and of course making them impossibly hard to unwrap. =)
  4. Cookies!! My brother has diabetes and actually my mom was just diagnosed with it too, so we always make cookies, sugar free, and we spend like a whole week baking because we give a bunch away and my brothers and mom take them to work and everything. But I love making Christmas cookies because even when it's just plain chocolate chip it's just better when it's for Christmas, and you're blasting Christmas music and everything.
  5. Music!!! I love CHristmas music and my mom and I start singing and listening to it like right after Halloween.
  6. Movies! Starting the day after, or sometimes before, Thanksgiving there is always a Christmas movie on one of the TVs in my house.
Song Of The Moment - Chritstmas With You by Artist vs. Poet

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