Tuesday, January 21, 2014

5 Musts For A Great Book

I use Grammarly's plagiarism checker so I don't have to retire from the public. *Cough* *Cough* (Shia LaBeouf)
  1. Lovable Characters and Realistic Relationships - Obviously. But not just lovable, not necessarily lovable at all, but interesting, relatable characters, characters you feel for even if that feeling is hate or strong dislike. Then, not only romantic relationships but friendship and family wise, I strongly believe that a nicely crafted friendship or relationship with a family member is just as important and good in a book as a romantic relationship.
  2. Keep The Balance - I hate fantasy or dystopian or anything that is supposed to be centered around something that is definitely not Romance and yet somehow the romance takes precedence over the action and adventure and the ACTUAL STORY/Plot! You have to balance character development with world building and plot development. Romance with action and adventure. Pretty writing with substance. People don't want to read an adventure book with more romance than adventure! Well, maybe some people do, but I am not one of those people!
  3. Unique Villains - Now, I am a believer in the power of the traditional evil villain, evil stepmother or guy in a long black trench coat and so on and so forth, the villain who is driven by the same old same old reasons and whatnot, but I do like a completely unique villain. One who you don't guess from the beginning, one you don't see coming, but most important to me is that they are convincing!!! You can't just tell me this guy is an evil dude(or dudette) and have the main character shivering in fear in front of him, just because you say he is evil, just because the main character is apparently terrified of her, just because we hear about all these bad things she's done, doesn't mean it's a convincing character. Show me why and how this person is evil and don't just randomly throw him or her in and out of the story whenever it's convenient, yes I'm talking to you Tiger's Curse books!!!
  4. Keep Things Consistent - It's the small details that make the story, remember them! I hate it when something as small as calling a pegasus a girl and then changing it to a boy(which was actually kinda cool) for the main story is changed, but there is worse like when you say in one book that a character is an only child and then in the next they have a brother or so on and so forth. Even the tiniest things matter, people!
  5. Grammar - I know that you can't always find every little mistake and trust me I have major issues of my own when it comes to this, but sometimes they are laughably easy to see mistakes and something small like that can completely take you out of the story and the next thing you know you're unconsciously looking for every single little mistake in a book rather than focusing on the story you're reading.
There are other things obviously, good, no great, writing, world building, and no insta-love for instance, but personally these are the things that can annoy me the most in a book, simple easy things that make a big difference, and things that I personally want in a book.
  • P.S - Another important thing, I think, is to keep up momentum not only throughout the first book but most importantly, if it's a series or trilogy, throughout the other books! I don't know about you but recently I have read an increasing amount of, mainly trilogies, where the first book is completely and totally awesome and then I get so excited for the second and it's a complete let down!
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