Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Pointless Post

My brother just ditched me to go have lunch with my other brother, ironic? I think not! And also to go to Toys R Us, he's 18 and the friend he went with is 24 and they went to Toy R US....without me!
Really this is my own fault because I gave him the job of making sure I work on my revisions and so that's what I'm doing, well after I am done with this pointless blog post. =)
Besides that I am also eating a Hot Pocket, is that relevant? Not really I just thought you ought to know. It's ham and cheese by the way. Also am I the only one who misses the old ham and cheese ones? The ones that weren't chopped ham and cheese sauce?
What am I drinking with this lovely meal, you ask? Diet green tea, Lipton, the cold stuff, hot tea is gross, am I right?
Now I don't know about you but personally I am curious to see just how far I can go with dragging out this pointless post, sound good?
What's your favorite snack? Personally I'm fond of peach yogurt and green grapes, you dip the grapes in the yogurt and it is delicious.
I think I have exhausted my food topics, moving on.
Music wise - I am currently listening to a playlist made up only of song titles that start with the letter W, there are more options than you would think. Speaking of music I may or may not being working on a video that's all about music, cryptic? Yes, but you'll see.
Writing wise - well I'm doing this right now! Besides that this has been my first week of revisions, and it is looking good so far, meaning I'm actually getting work done, yay!
T.V. Show wise - whose been watching Teen Wolf? I am so glad it's back I was going through major with drawls. Also, I finally got the last season of Merlin for Christmas and I have been putting off watching the last season cause I don't want it to end and so I've started over from the first season, pathetic! I know!
Reading wise - I am currently reading Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea by April Tucholke and it's....interesting. Kind of an easy read but I'm like over half way through it and I haven't decided whether I actually like it or not!
Speaking of which I had a weird dream last night that kinda mixed Merlin and Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea together, so that was odd.
Also, today Beth Crowley's new song finally came out of Itunes! I don't know if I have talked about her before but she's a You-Tuber and she write's songs inspired by different books like The Fault In Our Stars and Mortal Instruments and she's completely awesome. Her newest song Pretend It's Home is based on Divergent and it's really good.
Speaking of Mortal Instruments this is my story surrounding those books. As you may know I hate fantasy books that have too much romance, having said that these were the first high romance fantasy type books I read, really some of my first YA books. I read the first three(City of Bones, City Of Ashes and City Of Glass) when I was13 I remember it exactly because it was when my Grandma was in the hospital. And it was one of those books where you are really into them when you first read them, you think they are the best thing in the world and then awhile later you're like meh. Having said that I did love them at first and I bought the first prequel and loved it and then I kinda got out of it, I had started to really develop my taste in books and started reading loads of YA that I thought was better than Mortal Instruments. I did buy City Of Fallen Angels and Clockwork Prince and with both I read about half and then stopped. Then the movie came out and I haven't seen it yet but it got me back into wanting to read the books, bad, so I bought the rest and still haven't read them! My plan is to finally watch the movie next week some time and then marathon read the books and hope to Poseidon that I love them as much as I remember loving them.
 Speaking of Poseidon I am already so depressed that Blood Of Olympus is coming out this year because it's the last one, and I am not ready for it to be over....again!
Okay, while I am fairly certain I could go on I should probably work on my revisions now, but if you actually read this whole thing, kudos to you! And you know if you want and you live in the U.S the first 3 commenters can win a book!* One book from either the Percy Jackson series (or Heroes of Olympus) or Mortal Instruments (or Infernal Devises) just comment with which one you want and your email address. =) Also you must be 13 years or older and have permission and all that good stuff. Also this ends on February 23, okay?

Song Of The Moment - Separate Ways by Journey 

*Just so we're clear it will more than likely be a paperback copy because it has to be under like $15, 'kay?

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