Monday, January 13, 2014

Top 13 Moments From 2013

Basically, this is my favorite things that I did or saw or whatever from last year, my highlights if you will.

  1. Writing - I am fairly (read overly) excited/happy with the writing I did last year and the best moment was when I was up till 2:23am (exactly) finishing the first draft of my (first) book, a book that I have had in my head since I was fourteen and like every year since then my biggest New Years Resolution has been to WRITE the darn thing, and I actually did. And even if it still needs months of work, to me it seems like it's the most important accomplishment in my world right now.
  2. Comic-Con! - I just love comic-con the whole thing is so much fun.
  3. Meeting D.J. Machale at Comic-Con - He is one of my biggest inspirations or whatever you want to call it, I love all of his books and he's one of those authors that can write what seems like any and every genre which just like puts him on a pedestal in my mind and it was beyond awesome to meet and talk to him.
  4. Meeting Marissa Meyer at Comic-Con + Getting an ARC of Cress - that was a major deal, you know?
  5. Halestorm Concert!!!
  6. Taylor Swift Concert!!! 
  7. Getting A Tattoo - this was a major deal of course, made even more fun by the fact that we did like a family outing type thing with both my brothers getting tattoos for the first time(well second in one case) along with me.
  8. House Of Hades - Oh yeah, I'm that psycho about books that I am counting them as one of my biggest moments of the year. But I mean in all honesty books are a major part of who I am...and they can tell you allot about yourself, right?
  9. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell - A lot of people when reading or hearing about this book might not think it to be one of those books with like a real lesson or as one that could change the way you see the world or change you for that matter, but this book is so much more than that, to me at least and it made a big impact in my life this year, I think.
  10. Scotty McCreery Concert!
  11. Frozen - What? I love that movie! Don't you judge me!
  12. NaNoWriMo - Since I am highly anti-social I didn't do a lot of the socializing involved in NaNo but it was still a really cool experience to push myself so much and everything, though I do feel like I've done better writing than that it was still really fun and a great experience, you know?
  13. My One Year Blogiversary! - You remember, when no one entered my giveaway and I got no subscribers. Pretty much like always? No, but I do love blogging and more than that I'm glad and proud of myself for sticking with it, you know? Not giving up just because I have no subscribers or because I got too busy to write, which has been happening more and more frequently but still! Plus I also did my 100th and 200th posts this year which is awesome, right? I think it is.

What are your personal favorite moments from last year?

Song Of The Moment - Battle Scars by Paradise Fears

P.S. Yes I did indeed change the color of the blog....again. =)

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