Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Allgeiant Spoiler Catastrophe (Spoiler Free)

Dear person who spoiled allegiant for me, you suck.

So, recently the blog Epic Reads hosted what they called the Book Shimmy awards, an awards show dedicated to YA books, a week or so ago they posted a link to Facebook to show all the winning books, I clicked in the comments, innocently wanting to know if anyone else thought that Fangirl and Rainbow Rowell deserved too win more awards and there it was....third comment down. Someone saying how Tris from Allegiant shouldn't have this award because (insert biggest spoiler ever here), What. The. Fudge!? Seriously, unnamed person what we're you thinking? Oh, it's been months since that book came out everyone must have read it by now? Wrong! I have not read it, you buttface!
I have been so careful, I unliked and unfollowed Veronica Roth and Divergent on Facebook and Twitter, I have not checked Goodreads and have avoided all blog posts and Facebook and Twitter posts that mention it, and then you do this!? Forget me, what if someone who hasn't even read the first book sees that, then they'll probably never want to read the series, it was THAT big of a Spoiler!
Now had it been a review for the book or a post specifically about the book then it would be my own stupid fault, but it wasn't and its not! You unnecessarily posted that! I get that whoever you are you didn't purposely do it to ruin the book for people, all I am saying is, as a fellow book lover, you must be careful and considerate!
You could have said a million different things, like I can't believe Tris won after what happened in the lasrt book it was ridiculously stupid, or just horrible the book ending, or "Tris sucks, if you've read Allegiant you know what I mean", a million things you could have posted to get your point across without spoiling anything. Or shit, you could have simply wrote spoiler alert and warned me not to scroll down if I haven't finished the book yet, anything, but what you did.
Again I understand that this person did not intentionally spoil the book for me or anyone else who saw it, I'm just saying you should be considerate and not spoil one of the biggest books out right now on a post that is not specifically about said book, m'kay?

What books have been spoiled for that you are still harbouring a secret grudge over?

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