Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cover Lust Thursday - #1

I am going to start doing this every Thursday featuring a book that I have major cover lust for, usually a book that is coming out soon or that the cover just recently got revealed for, but sometimes I might do older ones that I love or ones for books I just recently bought, who knows maybe sometimes I shall do all three!

14061957Ruin & Rising -
by Leigh Barbougho
Publication date - June 17th
Goodreads link - here

I love all three covers in this trilogy, but this one is by far the best in my opinion, I love the red and I love how it's still the same basic cover as the others. I just love these covers, in case you didn't get that. =)

The other two covers -


What book covers do you lust after? What book have you bought recently purely because of the cover and was it good? =)

Song Of The Moment - I'll Follow You Down by Shinedown

I know that some blogs do various versions of this but I haven't found a specific meme so if you know of one let me know please, I like to give credit where credit is do and all that. =)

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