Saturday, March 1, 2014

Do Not Read Any Farther Or Your Life Will Never Be The Same...

Do you love books? Do you love music? If you answered yes to both of these questions than look no farther for the thing that you have been waiting your whole life that is based on books!
Not only does Beth Crowley write awesome songs inspired by books like the Mortal Instruments, Divergent and Fault In Our Stars, but she's an awesome singer and a funny person. Plus she can write amazing songs besides just the ones inspired by books!
Here is a sample of her music(The song is Warrior inspired by the Mortal Instruments and you can buy it on iTunes) -

And another sample(Blockbuster, one of my personal favorites) -

Now, she is doing a Kickstarter for her first album and if you think she's as awesome as I think she is then make sure to check out this link and remember that every dollar counts and please share this.

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