Friday, March 28, 2014

How To Write A Book In 5 Easy (read:hard) Steps

  1. Get an Idea - Not just some random idea, one you believe in, one you love, one you would want to read yourself, and one you believe that you need to write an idea that just wont leave you alone until the end.
  2. Figure out your system - Are you a plotter or not? Try a basic outline of major plot points that need to happen to get from the begging to the end, figure out the begging and the end, get to know your characters a little and decide whether you need to spend some time hammering out the fine details before you start writing or if you just want to jump right in.
  3. Don't stress - So you think one part really sucks, ignore it for now! Not everything is going to be perfect in your first draft and remember that you will have plenty of time to fix everything up all nice and shiny, concentrate on simply getting the basic story written out.
  4. Trust your judgement - You know what you like to read in a book, you love books, that's all you need to know. If you hate love triangles and insta love don't do that in your book, if you like the type of bad guy who a reader doesn't know whether to trust or not write that kind of bad guy, do what you as a reader would love. And if you start second guessing yourself sit down and think it all out and decide for yourself what is good and what is bad, you know everything you need to know about your book, every decision is up to you, don't focus on hundreds of would be readers focus on yourself and your story.
  5. Be True To Yourself and You Will Go Far - Don't give up on writing something because one person says it's a stupid idea or it's not what's popular right now, if you try to force yourself to write something that you don't believe in but that a publisher or whoever thinks will sell you're selling yourself short and you'll never really be proud of anything you write. Also, ignore what a lot of publishers or agents say about what will sell and what they want to see, don't base your book around what other people want, write what you want, because at the end of the day the story belongs to you.
Basically be yourself and don't force it, wait until you find the right story don't give up your writers virginity to the wrong idea! Could that sentence be anymore lame and awkward?

So, yeah. Believe in yourself and in gore the mean voices in your head, okay? Okay.

*Disclosure - This system will not work for everyone and I make no guarantees that this will help you in any  way to actually write a book.

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