Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Update!

  • Okay so this month might have been focused on bookish things than I intended to. The thing is it's fun and easy to do all these Waiting On Wednesday and Top Ten Tuesday and Cover Lust Thursday posts, and I like doing book reviews when I feel I have something to say about a book but there are other things I like to post about besides books unfortunately, all of my imagination is focused on other things at the moment mainly my writing and I want to post on this blog still, and these are the easiest things to do. Having said that while I will not be purposely doing less posts about books but I will try harder to do more posts about other things because this isn't just a book blog, you know?
  • I will say this again although it has been a lie recently I shall update the quotes page this month, I really will!
  • If you missed it I'm doing a two part review for the book Tiger Lily part one is here, and I will be rereading the book and doing part 2 this month.
  • Also if I get a few more followers over the course of this month you can look forward to an awesome giveaway!
  • Lastly you may notice a new tab up top called Sharing Is Caring, what is this, you ask. It is a new feature I will be doing every month where I showcase a Kickstarter or an author or a band, something completely awesome that I think people need to know about. So, yeah. Check that out!

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