Monday, March 31, 2014

Update! April (2014)

  • Quotes Page I am coming for you! - I really will update it this month I swear!
  • Fangirls Spotlight - Okay I renamed Sharing Is Caring to hear all about it click here or the tab up top.
  • 300th Post - We are nearing the 300th post and I am planning ahead this time and promise that it will be better than the 200th post and the 100th post! Hopefully!
  • Book Tours! - I am participating in many book tours this month which is crazy because I have never done one before. Most of mine are just reviews, but a couple will have my favorite quotes from said book or a playlist inspired by said book and you know how much I love my playlists!
  • Reviews - I shall keep up with my reviews!
  • Balance - While this blog has basically morphed into a full on book blog I will try and do some other posts this month but I am busy and I really love books, as you know.
  • April 23rd - Is a big day for me, not only is it my 18th birthday(Happy birthday to me!), it is also the day that I shall wake up at the crack of the monkeys butt and send out my book to a handful of agents, eeeeeepp! I scared. So I also will be spending allot of this month preparing for that, I have revisions to finish up and emails to perfect and you know, control my panic attacks and whatnot.
  • My 18th birthday also means Tattoo Tattoo! I do already have a tattoo of the Mockingjay symbol from Hunger Games on my upper arm but where I live even with parental consent they will only tattoo places that can be covered in clothing and what I want is on my wrists, so look forward to pictures of that!
  • Also, I swear the re-read and re-review of Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson that I was supposed to do like two months ago is still coming!
I think that's everything?

Song Of The Moment - Separate Ways by Journey (I know, I know, I pick this song a lot, but I really love it!)

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